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Fake 8 Hours of Sleep in 8 Simple Steps

Posted: Jul 12 2018

1. Prevent

Prevent premature aging by sleeping with a silk eye mask like this one from Stanley Korshak.

2. De-puff

Reach into your cutlery drawer for two spoons and leave them in the freezer while making your coffee. Once chilled, simply place the spoons under your eyes to de-puff on sleepy mornings. *Yawn


3. Massage

 Gently tap under your eyes to rid accumulation of fluid and minimize puffiness. 

4. Conceal 

Use the correcting side of the COLORCORRECT under the eye to mask those dark circles and discoloration when you’re not catching all your beauty sleep. Gently blend the product with your ring finger or brush.

5. Highlight

 Use COLORCORRECT brightener to effortlessly open and highlight under the eye by applying the product in an upside down triangle. Lightly blend with your fingertips, sponge, or brush. This product is sure to become your morning lifesaver- besides that extra shot of espresso of course.


6. Line

 Use COLOREYEDEFINE in Turquoise on the waterline or under the eye to brighten and whiten. That extra pop makes eyes sparkle!

7. Shimmer

 Dot ILLUMINATE in the inner corner of the eye for an extra shimmer to make the eyes appear more bright and awake. Unscrew the top and dip a brush into the product for easy application.

8. Set

 For all day wear, set your under eye concealer with a light dusting of COLORFLO. Refresh your makeup throughout the day with a rose water mist, like this one from Mario Badescu.


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