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How To: Beat The Heat

Posted: Jul 19 2018

Now that we’re halfway through July, we are clearly in the thick of summer. When the heat has reached the point of pretty much unbearable, it can be a challenge to look your best, and to apply makeup that stays on without making your skin feeling like it’s suffocating. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the tips to keep you Cool.


1. Prep

 Make sure you start with clean, prepped skin to ensure your makeup has a good base. Wash away skins impurities with an exfoliating cleanser like this one from Kate Somerville.

2. Moisturize

 As the weather changes, so does your skins needs. Switch to a lighter weight moisturizer in warmer months like this one from Andalou Naturals. Soothe and nourish sensitive skin with this all-natural formula. Oily skin? Skip moisturizer all together or apply it just around the perimeter of the face with only foundation in the center to keep down the shine.

3. Multi-tasking Products

Use multipurpose products so that there are fewer products on your skin-and less to sweat off.  A primer with a built- in moisturizer, like this one from Korres, moisturizes the skin and is silicone free.

Protect skin from harmful sun rays by using a foundation with built in natural sun protection. Brush on COLORFLO- a luxurious, self-dispensing foundation brush for invisible, weightless coverage. Need anymore convincing? COLORFLO won’t sweat off and your skin can breathe through it! Don’t believe us? You will have to try it for yourself.

4. Cool Off

 Keep your toner and facial mist in the fridge for a ‘cool’ finish to your makeup. This mist from Caudalie is a beauty elixir that provides an instant shot of radiance to the skin. 

 With a little help from the right products, you can stay as cool as a cucumber, even in the summer heat.


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