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SUSAN POSNICK, COLORFLO: Natural Makeup, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Mineral Powder Foundation & Sun Protection

$ 52.00

M1 Porcelain
M2 Fair - Slightly Yellow
M3 Light Neutral
M4 Light Beige
M5 Apricot
M6 Medium Slightly Pink
M7 Medium Beige
M8 Golden Beige
M9 Caramel
M10 Nutmeg
M11 Toffee
M12 Chestnut
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SUSAN POSNICK, COLORFLO: Natural Makeup, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Mineral Powder Foundation & Sun Protection 

We at SPC believe in Minimal Products, with Maximum Values, For Sustainable Beauty. Our award-winning COLORFLO natural makeup sits at the center of our line, and provides the benefits of six amazing products in a single self-dispensing innovative "magic" brush. It is made of the finest-milled all-natural ingredients and is your perfect brush-on concealer, highlight / contour, buildable coverage foundation, setting powder, and needed sun protection all in one.

Created by Susan after her own diagnosis of skin cancer, COLORFLO is the on-the-go sweat resistant and water resistant foundation you require, for healthy, beautiful skin, and creates an undetectable breathable barrier to screen out the harmful rays of the sun, blue light and environmental pollutants at the same time. Fight aging-lines as you protect yourself from sun spots and sun discoloration on face, body and hands, with titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide. Unlike chemical sunscreens which take up to half an hour to create a chemical filter of the sun, these healthiest physical sunscreens immediately and effectively block UVA and UVB rays, essentially pulling a shade down between you and the sun. All natural brush-on physical sun protection, skin treatment, and mineral foundation color all in one, to nourish, protect and perfect all skins, at any age. The quick and easy application softens fine lines without settling into wrinkles, keeping your skin creaseless and appearing airbrushed. 

It will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin conditions – in fact, it is so pure and gentle it can be applied immediately after all surface skin treatments (like facials and gentle peels) to cover redness, and when spotted on blemishes it can heal them in half the time. Makeup Meets Medspa! This is why it is a natural makeup must-have to cover and calm redness and rashing, as well, rosacea, eczema and more. 

Each COLORFLO brush is hand-made by a fourth-generation art brush maker to ensure premium quality. The refillable and washable brush makes this foundation better for the environment and allows you to switch shades from winter to summer and back again. With everyday use, this self-dispensing makeup brush should last 3 months versus the typical 2 with cream and liquid chemical based makeup, and product can be removed easily with a cleanser or gentle soap and water.


Benefits of COLORFLO Mineral Foundation:

  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SHADE RANGE- 12 foundation colors that are invisible and weightless on the skin, yet provide excellent coverage and sun protection, making the skin look naturally flawless in seconds! 
  • Compact and portable- great for travel anywhere and everywhere- touch ups are a breeze
  • Environmentally thoughtful

How to Apply COLORFLO Mineral Foundation:

  1. REMOVE cap
  2. SLIDE plastic sleeve all the way down to expose brush hair
  3. TAP brush with the brush hair facing down on the fleshy part of the palm, or 'flick your wrist' until you see a product on the head of the brush
  4. MASSAGE onto face in a circular or sweeping motion using gentle pressure
  5. Repeat step 4 for additional coverage
  6. SLIDE sleeve 1/2 way up for more precise coverage, especially under eyes and around the nose.

***If the product stops flowing through brush hair, tap the bottom of the brush on a hard surface a few times.

See FAQ's for the proper way to care and wash the COLORFLO brush


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