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SUSAN POSNICK, COLORCOATED Natural Eye Makeup, Clean Makeup Mascara With Peptides - Water Resistant, Flake-Proof, Lengthening & Curling, Lash-Enhancing Mascara, Color: Ultra Black

$ 28.00

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SUSAN POSNICK, COLORCOATED® Natural Eye Makeup, Clean Makeup Mascara With Peptides - Water Resistant, Flake-Proof, Lengthening & Curling, Lash-Enhancing Mascara

Color: Ultra Black

COLORCOATED Mascara has been created for the woman who wants long, voluminous lashes from morning until night. Incorporating a lash enhancing formula that promotes beautiful lashes, this formula has been meticulously formulated over a 2 year period. This long-lasting mascara stays on through rain, sweat and tears and looks the same a 9pm as it did at 9am.

BEAUTY WITH PURPOSE: A clean beauty makeup mascara that can define and flatter every eye shape, it is smudge proof, flake-proof, water resistant, yet removes easily with any cleanser! 

COLORCOATED is natural eye makeup, a mineral based mascara that provides luxurious buildable color and lash extension as it separates and coats each individual lash. It is easy to apply and reapply to build soft natural to dramatic glam looks.

This is why COLORCOATED  is a Best-Seller, carried by the finest high-end retail stores, salons, beauty bars, apothocaries, and destination spas in the world.


  • Made intentionally with premium ingredients such as our proprietary lash fortifying complex comprised of unique peptides and natural extracts that strengthen the hair follicles, and nourish the lash, thereby encouraging healthy thicker lashes
  • Iron oxides provide luxe rich ultra black color
  • Unique double-twist wand for precise application and lash separation, length, and thickening 
  • Twist the brush inside the container to deposit mascara onto the brush.
  • Never pump the wand, as this adds air to the mascara container, which will only make your mascara dry out faster.
  • Hold mascara brush as close as possible to base of lashes, and twirl it as you move it up through lashes, separating and lengthening your lashes at the same time.
  • Use less mascara on lower lashes than on top lashes.

  • COLORCOATED Mascara is water-resistant, so use makeup remover or an oil based cleaner for best results.