Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Susan Posnick Cosmetics "make beauty simple"?

A: Susan Posnick Cosmetics creates Do It Yourself (DIY) makeup. Our products are multi-purpose and fun, in packaging that is portable and smart, giving people multitudes of looks while eliminating the clutter that usually accompanies a makeup drawer or bag. Everything a person needs to go from morning to night- to the gym and around the world, travels with you in Susan's small mesh cosmetic bag. In addition, COLORFLO- the core of the line contains natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which are known to provide excellent sun protection without the problem associated with chemically-based alternatives.

Q: What makes Susan Posnick Cosmetics minerals different from other minerals on the market today?
A. Susan never liked the feeling of foundation on her skin, especially in the heat. This led her to work diligently for a number of years to develop COLORFLO; a self-dispensing, refillable, luxurious brush containing a product that works beautifully as a foundation providing the silkiest, most radiant finish possible, yet is invisible and weightless on the skin. It is simply you...better.

Q: Why is mineral makeup better than traditional makeup?
A: Mineral makeup in the loose form is the healthiest makeup you can apply to the skin. It is about what IS in minerals, and what IS NOT. Mineral makeup varies from one company to another, but they all contain natural iron oxides for color. If they offer sun protection, it is only with natural zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, and many contain vitamins as well to feed the skin. They allow the skin to breathe through them, reducing the possibility of pores clogging. What they do NOT have in them is what sets them apart from other makeup products. They are free of preservatives, emulsifiers, chemical dyes and fragrance. They do not contain mineral oil, or chemical sunscreens. Any or all of the above are possible skin irritants, and the problem is with most makeup (and skincare), if we do have a reaction, we cannot determine what ingredient(s) is causing it. Loose mineral makeup eliminates this situation. It is rare to have a negative reaction, but if ones does, it is relatively easy to determine what is causing the problem.

Q: Is COLORFLO good for all skin types?
A: COLORFLO works beautifully on any and all ages and skin types-from young children, to teenagers, to women on the go. Older women find that COLORFLO holds through hot flashes and because there is no powder in COLORFLO- the skin always looks radiant, never dry. Women with oily skin like COLORFLO because the natural clay helps absorb oils. COLORFLO contains no fillers or powders and will NOT settle into fine lines or wrinkles-in fact, it softens them, so it looks beautiful on a dry skin as well. COLORFLO melds with the natural oils and warmth of the skin to create a clean, natural finish-like a second skin, as if you are not wearing makeup at all.  This makes COLORFLO good for all skin types.

Q: When should I wear COLORFLO?
A: You should wear COLORFLO every day for flawless skin and to protect against the environment. Whether indoors or outdoors- from swimming to winter skiing, COLORFLO makes it easy to protect your skin from the environment when you are on the go; just pull it out of your pocket or bag and brush it on.

Q: What is the best way to apply COLORFLO?
A: Follow these simple directions:

  • Remove cap.
  • SLIDE plastic sleeve all the way down to expose brush hair.
  • TAP brush with the brush hair facing down on the fleshy part of the palm, or simply 'flick your wrist',  until you see product on the head of the brush.
  • MASSAGE the minerals into the skin by moving the brush in a circular or sweeping motion using gentle pressure. Build coverage and sun protection by layering COLORFLO.  Apply freely onto the neck, hands and chest as well.
  • SLIDE sleeve 1/2 way up for more precise coverage, especially under eyes and around nose.
  • You can also remove the bottom cartridge and dip into the minerals with our concealer brush to place the minerals directly on blemishes-it conceals beautifully!
  • COLORFLO can be removed with gentle soap and water
  • With everyday use, COLORFLO will last approximately 3 months.

Q: What do each of the ingredients in COLORFLO do?

  • Micronized titanium dioxide - A natural sunblock which reflects light so the sun's rays cannot absorb into skin
  • Micronized zinc oxide - Shields skin from the sun's rays.
  • Iron Oxides - Pure color pigments derived from minerals, rocks and crystals-the base of most color cosmetics.
  • Boron Nitride - Acts as a natural emulsifier.
  • Mica - Provides a natural glow to the skin- It is oil absorbing and derived from quartz and mineral crystals.
  • Vitamin A - An Anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties.
  • Vitamin E - Prevents irritation from sun exposure, is a natural moisturizer, an anti oxidant and assists in the prevention of sun damage.
  • Bismuth Oxychloride - Contains oil-absorbing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Superoxide Dismutase - A skin protector that fights the free radicals which break down the skin.


Q: When do I refill the brush and how long will a refill cartridge last? 
A: The COLORFLO brush contains approximately 3 months worth of product based on everyday use (once or twice daily). You should only refill the COLORFLO brush when it is empty, or near empty.
To refill, simply remove the refill cartridge from the bottom of the brush by turning all the way to the left and replace with a new refill. Directions are found on the refill package.  Refill containers hold approximately the same amount of product as the original dispenser. 

Q: What is the best way to wash the COLORFLO brush?
A: Unscrew refill cartridge, set aside.

  • Hold brush-head sideways under running water.
  • Keeping the brush horizontal, apply a small amount of shampoo or gentle soap onto the brush hair.
  • Rub cleanser gently into hair with fingers.
  • Rinse horizontally under running water. Be sure to squeeze the brush to remove all excess soap and water
  • Allow brush to dry on its side overnight.
  • Once the brush is thoroughly dry, attach the bottom cartridge by turning to RIGHT. The brush is now clean and ready to use.

Q: Can COLORFLO be used as a bronzer? 
A: Susan Posnick offers a beautiful COLORFLO "bronzer", and COLORFLO in M8, M9, and M10 can also be used as bronzers to warm the skin.

Q: Can I use COLORFLO after cosmetic surgery and dermatological procedures?
A: We are comfortable recommending application of COLORFLO after surface skin treatments to cover redness and nourish the skin with vitamins A and E. If you are having a deep peel or cosmetic surgery, we do suggest you consult your physician before applying any type of makeup. 

Q: What is the difference between a physical sunscreen and a chemical sunscreen?             

A: The difference is quite simple. Sunblock is effective immediately after applying. It is like pulling a shade down between you and the sun and provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.
Sunscreen takes approximately 30 minutes to create a chemical interactive filter of the sun.  It is like having a window screen between you and the sun-some harmful rays can still penetrate the skin, particularly within the first 30 minutes.

Q: What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
A: UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin,and are known to cause wrinkles, brown spots, reduce the collagen in the skin and may cause skin cancer. They are the dominant tanning rays. UVB rays cause sunburn and are more superficial. They also play a key role in all types of skin cancer.

Q: How often should I reapply COLORFLO after swimming or perspiring?
A: Like all products that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, when at the beach or pool or when doing any physical outdoor activity, reapply every 1.5-2 hours. COLORFLO is easy to toss in a beach bag, tennis or golf bag. It is sweat and water-resistant, but remember to reapply when you come out of the water. 

Q: How do I make my eye makeup last longer?
A: Apply a good coat of COLORFLO to the eyelid as a base before applying liner and shadow.
After lining the eyes, top the liner with a light layer of a shadow to "set" the liner.

Q: How does the eye shadow in the COLOREYEDEFINE pencil work?
A: The eye shadow is housed in the colored top.To open the eye shadow color, twist off the cap and push the sponge applicator into the cap to pick up the eyeshadow color. To add more shadow to the lid, simply twist the cap back and forth over applicator repeatedly to pick up more color, and reapply.

Q: How do I keep a sharp angle on the COLOREYEDEFINE pencil?
A: To keep the angled liner sharp, twist the liner up 1/8", press on a clean tissue, and drag along a flat surface. The liner will return to its original, precise angle.

Q: How do I keep my products and tools clean?
A: After using any Susan Posnick product, you can use a small amount of brush cleaner or alcohol to sterilize. Just spray on a tissue and swipe the applicator or product across to disinfect.
To give the COLORFLO brush a good cleaning, hold it sideways and run just the top of brush head under water.  Mix  a little mild soap or shampoo into the brush head.  Continue holding it on its side and carefully rinse the soap. Dry brush overnight on its side. We recommend giving your brush a good cleaning before you refill it.

Q: Returns & Exchanges:
A: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Susan Posnick Cosmetics online purchase, simply contact customer service at 1.214.747.2111 or and we will be happy to refund or exchange your purchase.
Please note: Only items purchased on may be accepted for return or exchange. Shipping fees are not refundable.