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SUSAN POSNICK, COLOREYEDEFINE - Natural Eye Makeup: 4 in 1 Eyeliner, Liner As Shadow, Eye Shadow, Brow Wand

$ 27.00

Tourmaline / Aquamarine
Bronze / Copper
Amethyst / Opal
Sapphire / Ametrine
Jet / Moonstone
Jasper / Sandstone
Turquoise / Topaz
Smokey Quartz/Rose Quartz
Platinum / Gold
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SUSAN POSNICK, COLOREYEDEFINE - Natural Eye Makeup: 4 in 1 Eyeliner, Liner As Shadow, Eye Shadow, Brow Wand 

COLOREYEDEFINE® achieves simplicity and versatility with 3 products in 1 double-sided wand! Intensify your eyes with a unique angled liner, made to be used as defining eyeliner (tightline or easy cat eye, depending on how you hold it), yet also is soft enough to blend as a creme eyeshadow! The liner is pure and safe enough to be used right on the waterline too. You can compliment your eyeliner color with a self-dispensing eye shadow that is right in the cap!

Enjoy long-lasting, smudge-proof natural eye makeup that can be applied with just your fingertips, no brushes needed.

True to SPC's mission to make clean muti-purpose portable beauty products, these wands are perfect for travel, as they take up no room in your bag. No more messy palettes! Our wands are designed to be layered in different colors easily on top of one another, to create completely new and different shades and dimensional looks. For high pigment and precise definition, layered blendability, and peace of mind through naturally sourced safe ingredients, look no further than our Susan Posnick Cosmetics COLOREYEDEFINE.



  • 3-IN-1 – Natural eye makeup as eyeliner, eyeshadow and can also be used to fill in and define eyebrows. We recommend colors Smokey Quartz/Rose Quartz or Bronze/Copper, depending on brow color.
  • NO MESS – Enjoy long-lasting smudge-proof natural eye makeup thanks to this convenient precision-tip liner/shadow combination. No worry of shadows flaking and cleanup under your eyes. This smooth and precise dual-ended wand lets you create a soft natural eye-enhancing look, a bold layered look, a quick smokey eye or just get the highlight you desire, effortlessly!
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY – These liner and shadow color wands easily fit into a bag, can be blended with your fingertips, layered for luxe looks, and no need to sharpen the liner pencil ever. Enjoy alluring eyes on-the-go
  • CUSTOMIZE – With 9 inspiring and practical color combinations, the possibilities are endless! Experience limitless customization options with our dual color combos made to blend together perfectly


  • Apply pencil as an eyeliner at lash line- thick or thin.
  • Safe for use on the inside rim (waterline) of eye.
  • Turn pencil onto the flat side to use as an eyeshadow. Smudge color with fingertips or blend with our SPC Multi brush.
  • The eyeshadow is the in cap. To apply eyeshadow, unscrew cap and twist back-and-forth over the sponge tip. For more intense color, reapply.



    Tourmaline liner /Aquamarine shadow    Sapphire liner /Ametrine shadow
    Jet liner /Moonstone shadow                    Jasper liner /Sandstone shadow
    Amethyst liner /Opal shadow                     Smokey Quartz liner /Rose Quartz shadow
    Turquoise liner /Topaz Shadow                 Platinum liner /Gold shadow


    Bronze liner / Copper shadow


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