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$ 22.00

Dallas - pink
South Beach - coral
Milan - red
London- berry
NYC - berry
Rio- berry
Dubai - nude
Santa Fe -nude
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COLORESSENTIAL®- A collection of universally flattering shades in nude, coral, pink, red and berry.

COLORESSENTIAL has a unique formula that adapts to your own lip color- making every lipstick your personal shade. It delivers on every level a rich, moisturizing lip color that complements every woman's skin tone. COLORESSENTIAL perfectly combines the finest natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for a lipstick rich in color but with the texture of a lip balm.

  • All shades complement every skin tone
  • Long-lasting and will not bleed or feather
  • Formulated with olive oil for rich texture and moisture, so it performs like a lip balm
  • Enriched with Paracress, a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually hydrates the lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Contains minerals, Vitamins A and E, and pomegranate to keep lips healthy
  • Travel-ready in a compact container with a unique magnetic closure that keeps the cap secure


    Dubai - Glamorous and exotic, this blushed nude shade complements a host of skin colors and tones.

    Marrakesh - A lush bronze-tinged neutral, reminiscent of the city's twilight sky.
    Santa Fe - Rich and coppery with golden undertones, like the sun kissing the rocks at day's end.


      Boca - Always perfect with a tan and slightly retro, this pale, light coral shade will keep you shimmering into the night.

      Miami - Reflecting the vibrant lifestyle of Miami, this bright coral sizzles.
      South Beach - A tribute to the 'heat', sun and diversity of this tropical paradise.


        Dallas - Like its reserved yet sophisticated namesake, a subtle pink shade that doesn't scream color but adds instant allure.

        LA - takes you back to the 'flower power' age of the 60's and the Hollywood hippie- a pale, flirty pink with an endless silver and gold shimmer.

        Shanghai - Pink like the perfect peony flower from a Chinese garden, Shanghai reflects the bright, fresh new color of the city, blossoming in a brand new way.


          Milan - A rich red, mirroring the classic sophistication of Italy's fashion capital.

          Paris - The classic red; reminiscent to true Parisian 1940's glamour and fashion.

          Tokyo - A subtle red for the woman who keeps her thoughts and emotions close to her heart, but can't help but be noticed.


            London - The quintessential bronzed berry, wonderfully classic and very wearable.  

            NYC - A neutral berry- perfectly and simply chic, for the woman who is always pulled together but never "made up".

            Rio - A rich, vibrant berry shade inspired by the exuberance of carnival.