Fall Makeup Colors You'll Love in 2021

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We all know that trends change with the season; as summer fades to fall we trade in our shorts and sandals for sweaters and boots. Makeup trends are no exception, as our makeup color palette changes, as well. During the summer, color palettes pop with bright and fresh colors. As the season changes, the fall makeup color palette fades to warm olives, smooth purples, and shadowy greys. Keeping up with the best fall makeup colors is easy as Susan Posnick Cosmetics has those perfect colors you need for this fall season. 

Trends to keep up with this fall season are long lashes, berry lip colors, smokey eyeshadows, and bold blushes.

Make Up On Drawn Image

This look consists of Scarlett blush, Milan lipstick with Rouge lip pencil on top, Sandstone shadow on the eyes, lined on the inside with Sapphire liner – the liner on the waterline gives more depth to the eye and brings out eye color


Long lashes are still in vogue (and I expect always will be) and they can be achieved by applying multiple coats of a healthy, lash-lengthening mascara, like the Susan Posnick COLORCOATED mascara or with natural looking false lashes.  If you haven’t tried Babe Lash to promote lash growth, now is the perfect time, and it is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. 

We are seeing lots of black liner around the entire eye, including the waterline and darker shadows under the bottom lashes while the eyelid stays soft in color.


Blush color is trending, with the placement of it being a personal choice, rather than thinking contour and blush. Apply it anywhere - on the apple of the cheek, on the cheekbone, around the eye area, and as eyeshadow. Think brighter colors like pinks, berries, and reds. This is not the season to be shy about ‘blushing.’ 

Try using our DD GLOSS in Red Velvet on cheeks, eyes, and lips, to achieve that trending monochromatic look.

Woman Wearing ColorMe Blush By Susan Posnick Cosmetics

April is wearing a monochromatic look using COLORME Camelia. Blush placement is high to draw attention to the eye and raise the cheekbones.



They’re back and they’re bold! Statement lips are a must this fall season. Opt for a subtle or exuberant shade of berry to tie together your fall outfits. Don’t be afraid of wearing your lip liner in a slightly deeper shade than your lipstick- it’s very 90’s. 

Our best fall lipstick color picks for this season are:

  • COLORESSENTIALLipsticks London – berry
    • This beautiful bronzed-berry is a classic and will serve you well as a staple for your fall looks. It goes with everything and is rich enough in color to get you noticed, yet not so overpowering that it can’t be worn throughout the day.
  • COLORESSENTIALLipsticks NYC – berry
    • This neutral lip color is the perfect choice for a natural makeup look. It gives a touch of warmth and color to your lips, almost like you have bitten them, and only enhances your natural lip color and beauty.
  • COLORESSENTIALLipsticks Rio – berry
    • This rich and exuberant berry is the choice for when you want to make a statement. This pop of color not only compliments a range of fall outfits, it also complements most skin tones. It’s bold, beautiful, and it will make sure you are a stand-out this season.

Our top picks for the best fall color eye makeup are:

  • COLOREYEDEFINE Sapphire liner /Ametrine shadow
    • This duo is great for an exotic, smokey eye. For this look, line the upper & lower eyelids both on the waterline and around the eye with the Sapphire liner/shadow, topped with the ametrine shadow. Then to create the smokey effect, smudge the colors together, blending to the crease of your eye, using your fingertips, or brush.

This look is supposed to be a little bit ‘messy’, as if you took a cat nap with your makeup on.

  • COLOREYEDEFINE Jasper liner /Sandstone shadow
    • Olive greens are trending in both makeup and clothing. The Jasper will frame your eyes in subtle color that will bring out the gold in brown eyes, hazel eyes, and blue eyes. The sandstone will add a touch of warmth to the eye, while keeping the lid light and bright in a wash of color.
  • COLOREYEDEFINE Jet liner /Moonstone shadow
    • This bold eye duo is perfect for a kitten eye, the subtle version of a cat eye.
    • The kitten eye is achieved by extending your eyeliner just past the outer corner of your eye. Apply it on the top lid or if you are looking for the most modern application, apply it under the bottom lashes and subtly wing it up. This liner can also be used to rim the eyes by lining the waterline on the top and bottom - a very retro 90s look.
    • The platinum will keep your eyes brightly shining. 

The best fall blush colors for this season are: 

  • COLORME Orchid - a beautiful mulberry wash, giving an exotic bloom to the skin.
    • This deep, rich blush shade, inspired by Kerry Washington, will complement the warmth of your fall eyeshadow colors perfectly and bring a youthful flush to your cheeks.
  • COLORME Scarlett- a rich, warmed red – the tint of color your cheeks get when sitting by a fire.
    • Gorgeous on every skin shade, whether you apply it on the cheekbone, under the cheekbone to define the cheek, or around the eye to ‘lift’ the cheek.

COLORME Camelia – a peached -pink, angelic with subtle shimmer. 

  • Looking for a bright blush to make those cheekbones pop? This brighter peached-pink shade, inspired by Kate Hudson, will be sure to bring a youthful glow to your skin this fall season.

To apply these gorgeous blushes, simply sweep the blush onto your cheeks in a circular motion. For these shades to look the most natural, as if your color comes from within, we suggest dusting a light application of your Susan Posnick COLORFLO shade over top.

Keeping up with the trends of each new season can be challenging, that’s why Susan Posnick Cosmetics is here to take away the stress and keep you looking fabulous all the time, with minimal products in minimal time.

Purchase your favorite fall color makeup or a Susan Posnick Cosmetics Gift Card today!


Susan spent 20+ years working as a celebrity makeup artist traveling the world on photo shoots, commercials, and films. In addition, for many years Susan was the personal makeup artist for a number of high- profile women, including Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

When Susan was diagnosed with skin cancer and knew she highly reactive to chemical sunscreens, she shifted creative direction and began creating a natural, healthy sunscreen/foundation that could be carried with you for all-day application and protection. This first product COLORFLO, is the original compact, multi-purpose color cosmetic product, designed to de-clutter your makeup life and routine, using healthy products.

Susan is the recipient of an International Humanitarian Award which she received in Vienna, Austria, for developing COLORFLO and Brush On Block, and for educating on the signs and treatment for all types of skin cancers.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics are clean and healthy and may be purchased worldwide in spas, apothecaries, salons, and specialty retail stores and on our online store.

Both Susan and her products have been featured in major publications and magazines including INSTYLEMarie ClaireVOGUEAllureReal SimpleLucky, and Town and Country.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, your beauty is our business!

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