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The holidays are coming up, which means holiday photos for Christmas cards, wonderful winter dates, and more. I am sure you want to look your best and we are here to help you look and feel beautiful this holiday season.

As the seasons change and the holidays are upon you, you might see family and friends that you don’t get to see all the time. Thinking about connecting with your loved ones during the holidays might bring excitement and maybe a little anxiety as well. No matter which category your feelings may fall under, you’ll want to be looking your best, no matter the circumstance!

Stay With the Trends
Staying up to date on the latest makeup trends can be difficult but we have you covered. There are some beauty tips that will always be relevant so make sure you are adding some sparkle and shine to your makeup looks. 

When it comes to makeup trends for this holiday season, get ready for “dramatic eyes, dark lips, and more.” Make sure you look into new and trending products so you know what to put on your wish list this holiday season or what to buy as a gift for someone else. Change up your makeup style and try new things this winter, you will be thankful. Not only is it important to restock your makeup after using it for a while, but you might find a new product or look that you wish you had been wearing for months. Whether it is a gloss, plumber, or liner you can find your next favorite lip shade here. You don’t know what lip or eye colors look best on you until you try them!

Find a Skin Care Routine
With nourished hair, you are going to need healthy skin as well. As the weather gets colder it might also be time to get a new moisturizer to combat winter dry skin. No matter the season, it is important to give your skin the routine and the time it deserves, so find products and a system that works for you and your skin goals/problems. Take the extra time in the morning and before bed to commit to a routine of washing, cleansing, and soothing your face. Stick with your routine for a few weeks to see how it is affecting and changing your skin, then tweak it to find the perfect combination of products. Your whole look can change when you prioritize your hair and skin this winter season.

Must Haves
When it comes to beauty looks whether it is a holiday or a typical day, there are a few products that you will not want to overlook. You will need to fund a good foundation, one that fits your complexion and does not feel too heavy on your skin. Try out the ColorFlo Brush which not only is a mineral makeup but is also good for your skin as it blocks harmful UV rays and blue light. It is a great start to your makeup routine that makes you look and feel made up, while not having to do much and still prioritizing your skin health.

Another product you can not go wrong with is good mascara. Accenting your lashes with a mascara that is smudge-proof as well as waterproof is a must. Even on mornings when you are rushing out the door, adding just a little mascara can change the whole look of your eyes. Eyes are the gateway to the soul so make sure your eyes are sparkling and stunning today.

Time To Revamp
You might not have thought about it before, but have you been using the same makeup brushes for over a year? Due to the buildup of bacteria and old makeup on your tools and brushes, it might be time for you to purchase new ones. With new tools, your makeup look will look more professional and be easier to perfect. Check out all of our tools and brushes for the perfect gift this holiday season. Whether for a loved one or even to pamper yourself, you can’t go wrong! Your skin and makeup routine will thank you for it.

Healthy Hair Hacks
There are some hairstyles that will never go out of style. You can always rock a slicked-back pony, some big loose curls, or a half-up, half-down look. However, we have some tips that will make even those simple styles look more lively, smooth, and beautiful. Having long, thick, and healthy hair improves any hairstyle. Find the right hair care routine for you based on your hairs specific needs. There are so many products that can improve your hair health. From shampoo to conditioner and hair serums to masks, there are a lot of different aspects to maintaining optimal hair health. Another key to a good hair care routine is to tackle any specific problems, such as hair loss or thinning. If you struggle with these issues, talk to a healthcare provider about a treatment like spironolactone which can not only help improve your hair health but also promote healthy growth. With less hair thinning and shedding, you will start to be able to do more hairstyles and re-fall in love with your natural hair.

Try Something New
While you are making sure your hair is healthy and nourished you might think that you are wanting a big change for the season. Dark hair is more popular in the winter, and there is a common trend to go with darker hair as the weather cools. The blonde tones and beach waves can wait until next summer! If you have never tried a new hair color, now might be the perfect time to branch out. Whether you are looking for a confidence boost or want to look and feel like a new you in 2023, this could be a beautiful change. If you are thinking about coloring your hair make sure you get it done at a salon or do your research on what products work the best for you and your hair goals. Step into the holidays with beautiful holiday looks, the best products, and a new do. We hope you enjoy these tips and your holiday season. I am sure you will look as beautiful as ever!



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