My Guide To Dressing Stylishly During Holiday Travel

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For the flight:

No Pajamas passing through security here please.  You never know who you will run into at the airport, especially during the holidays. My suggestion, don’t get caught wearing something you wouldn’t want your boss or ex-boyfriend to see you in. 

Layer layer layer. Sometimes the plane cabin will turn into an igloo or a sweatbox. Pro tip: bring a layer you can shed and use as a pillow to catch some Z’s.   

Wear something with a stretch too so you can contort into an airplane sleeping position with ease.

Keep Susan Posnick’s COLORFLO in your carry-on so you can do a quick touch up on the plane before you face your relatives.        

Where to shop: Kit and Ace

Their sleek and modern designs are all inspired by sportswear; so you get style and comfort.

Price range: $100-$400


Essential Item: The straight talk trouser from Kit and Ace for $128 are high-rise tailored pants that look like dress pants but feel like yoga pants.  They say: “The dynamic stretch wool-blend fabric hugs in all the right places, and always feels smart.”


For the family dinner:

Family dinners usually mean an assortment of plates to fill your face with. It’s like Thanksgiving round two; so for comfort- wear something flowy, not too tight around the midsection. I’ve unbuttoned more pants than I care to admit to over holiday dinners.

Keep Susan Posnick’s COLORESSENTIAL LIPSTICK in your purse to keep your smile bright with moisturizing color that will last throughout the small talk and feasting. LONDON and DALLAS are perfect colors that will add a pop to your casual look.

Where to shop: Banana Republic

They have great sophisticated options that will please all of your family members, even the conservative grandmother. You can get the latest trends for any occasion. 

Price range: $60-$200 (They also have awesome holiday sales)

Essential Item: Their Striped Turtleneck Poncho for $148 has an elegant cut, yet is relaxed enough to allow you to feast on holiday goodies. It’s a sophisticated look that is very fashion forward.


For the holiday party:

This is when you get to pull out the show-stopping dress that will impress everyone you haven’t seen in a while. You need a festive dress that screams holiday hottie.  A red or green cocktail dress is sure to sparkle in the twinkle lights and tinsel.

If you are heading to cold country, keep your suitcase light by packing one versatile jacket to wear throughout your stay. Make it stylish enough to keep you warm, so you don’t show up to the party looking like an ice sculpture.

Layer multiple Susan Posnick’s COLOREYEDEFINE LINER/SHADOW sticks for a dramatic evening eye. The Amethyst/Opal and Platinum/Gold will add to any festive outfit and brighten all eye colors.

Where to shop: Ted Baker

You can get an elegant London look with their perfectly tailored dresses. They have beautifully colored and patterned fabrics that will shine for the holidays.

Price Range: $100-$350

Essential Item: Their Cheryll embellished collar velvet dress for $315 is a bit of a splurge, but it’s the quintessential holiday dress. The velvet is very trendy and the burgundy red color is the perfect holiday touch to a classic winter design.


For New Years Eve:

So this look has to be even bigger than the holiday party. After all, this is your last appearance of the year. You need something with sass and sparkle.

Opt for all black with a twinkle in your handbag, or go all out with a gold sparkling dress paired with that versatile coat. Definitely get the perfect heels to match both party outfits since shoes take up the most space in your suitcase. 

Use Susan Posnick ILLUMINATE highlighter to add an enchanting glow to your face and décolletage to keep you shimmering until way after the clock strikes 12.

Where to shop: Topshop

The unique designs and edgy style of Topshop allow anyone to find THE dress for New Years. The styles you will find here are truly unique and command the attention you deserve to reign in2017.
Price range: $60-$300

Essential Item: This Disc Sequin Midi-Dress for $280 is THE New Years dress. You will stand out with the intricately detailed beading and the sexy slit. It’s the kind of dress people will remember and it’s sure to get you that New Year’s kiss at midnight.         


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