FACE-ing Forward

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Every January, we resolve to start new regimens and initiate healthy habits and, hopefully, we keep them. For beautiful, glowing skin, you know the drill. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat and drink the "bad stuff" in moderation, and wear our best-selling COLORFLO every day. 

COLORFLO is the perfect on-the-go foundation, skin treatment, and natural sun protection all rolled into one self-dispensing brush. Thanks to this product, it couldn't be easier to prevent wrinkles, age spots and other results of getting too much sun.

For those who are online and find it a little challenging to choose the best shade, hopefully this guideline will help.


M1: Porcelain, pink or yellow undertone, always burns in the sun

M2: Fair, slightly yellow undertone, always burns in the sun

M3: Light neutral-pink undertone, always burn in the sun

M4: Light beige-yellow undertone, usually burns then tans

M5: Apricot base to brighten skin - pink and yellow undertones, usually burns then tans

M6: Medium - slightly pink undertone, always tans

M7: Medium beige - slightly yellow/olive undertone, always tans

M8: Golden Beige, the perfect shade to warm light to medium skin tones

M9: Caramel - complements Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and light African-American skin.

M10: Nutmeg - African American with golden undertones

M11: Toffee - African American with red undertones

M12: Chestnut - blue-black skin

For quick, full coverage, we recommend the COLORFLO Loose Mineral Powder and our multi-purpose Blender Brush. For light to medium coverage and for on-the-go touch-ups, use the COLORFLO self-dispensing refillable brush.

The next step is COLORCORRECT, a must-have complement to COLORFLO. This dual-ended pencil works as a highlighter, concealer, and contour pencil. Your best shade in COLORCORRECT is based on your COLORFLO shade.


C1: Best with COLORFLO M1 - M5

C2: Best with COLORFLO M5 - M8

C3: Best with COLORFLO M9 - M10

C4: Best with COLORFLO M11 - M12, and can also be used to contour all skin tones.

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