The Future of Beauty

Posted by Aimee Bentson on

The Future of Beauty Event hosted by the Fashion Group International of Dallas was an enlightening and amazing evening.

Influencers and lovers of beauty and fashion gathered at the the fabulous Esé Azénabor showroom to listen to and take part in a panel discussion regarding The Future Of Beauty.

About 70 guests came despite the blazing temperatures, to listen to Dallas’ top beauty experts, as well as view Esé Azenabor’s most recent and always stunning clothing collection.

The panel consisted of our very own, Susan Posnick, as well as Terri Tomlinson, Joanna Hathcock, and Gary Walden. After some delicious specialty drinks provided by Kruto VodkaMelissa Rountree moderated the much anticipated discussion. The audience enjoyed hearing different perspectives about what’s trending in fashion & beauty and even had the opportunity to ask questions before the evening was over.

For me, the biggest takeaways of the evening were with regard to understanding and defining what beauty is for me personally.  Yes, we are all influenced by trends, but it is important to stay true to myself.  I think the second thing is that beauty really does start from the inside, and how we present ourselves represents how we feel about ourselves .  Lastly, I got confirmation that although I may be in my early 20’s, it would not be crazy for me to think botox before I hit 30- if I think I need it ;  after-all , it is preventative medicine, right?

The event was a hit with all who attended and we look forward to another successful night next year!



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