Yahoo Beauty: 27 of Our Favorite Beauty Products From Brands Created by Women

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Have you ever come across a product that you were curious about but not brave enough to test out? Not to worry! Yahoo Beauty is bringing you a brand-spankin’-new column, Editor Obsessions, where editors dish on their most-loved beauty products that will inspire you to try something new... 

Beth Greenfield, Senior Lifestyle Writer

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Susan Posnick ColorFlo Mineral Foundation. This travel-friendly pop-up brush brings a barely there vegan, natural, and cruelty-free powder foundation with it, providing full coverage (plus SPF coverage and vitamins A and E!) that gives a weightless matte finish. This is the only foundation I’ll wear, because it doesn’t feel like you’ve got anything on your face beyond a light dusting of powder. I also love Posnick’s backstory — that she was an A-list makeup artist who turned her personal experience with cancer into a cosmetics business based on the idea of built-in sun protection. ($68,



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