3 Easy Steps to Naturally Plump Lips

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Want plump lips naturally? Not ready for those injections? We’re here to help! It’s not that we’re against injections, but natural beauty is our specialty. With countless products on the market promising to “plump”, it can be overwhelming to find the right products that work best for you. Of course, I always recommend COLORDUO Lip Pencil as it has a lip plumping agent in it. Even our ultra, moisturizing lipsticks with paracress can make your lips look fuller.

According to a recent study coordinated by Allergan, fuller lips have become increasingly popular, with 20% of injections being put in the lips. Follow Susan’s simple, foolproof steps to achieve your perfect pout.

 1. Exfoliate

 Exfoliation can help improve the appearance of lips by removing the outer-layer of dead skin cells. Make lips look plump and feel smooth by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush. This simple, at-home exfoliation boosts circulation while priming your lips for the products to follow. Want to make a natural at-home lip scrub? Mix together coconut oil, sugar, and a dash of vanilla, apply to dry lips, and wipe with a tissue.

 2. Plump & Line

 Use a lip product that plumps- like the Susan Posnick COLORDUO Lip Pencil. This lip pencil when used as a liner can make your lips appear fuller. When used as a lipstick, the plumping agent works its entire magic. Added bonus, the COLORDUO comes in Nude and Rouge, making it easy to switch from natural to night-out.

3. Create Dimension

 Keep the center of your lips lighter in color for a fuller pout. Using COLORDUO, line your lips with Rouge while filling in with Nude. Top the center of the lip off with a gloss or light shade of lipstick like COLORESSENTIAL in Boca or L.A.

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