A Return to Work!

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As the world begins to heal and businesses open back up again, what does it mean for many of us who are returning to the workplace? How does this ‘return to normal business’ affect our personal grooming ritual? In this week’s blog, Susan Posnick at Susan Posnick Cosmetics talks about some changes we have all gone through, and made, and embracing the “New Natural” of clean, confident beauty at home and in the workplace.

A Return to Work!

Together, we are coming through a year that has changed us all forever. From learning what is truly meaningful to us, to completely re-evaluating how we live, the time of the pandemic has changed our world on multiple levels.

Home offices and Zoom meetings became the status quo for our everyday work lives last year, which brought with it an abundance of new-ness, from re-evaluating and re-vamping our office/business look, to truly embracing our new WFH/Zoom ‘work look’ in full view of the world.

In speaking with friends and family I have heard over and over that during the pandemic it became more valuable to focus on grooming (as one friend put it, ‘from the waist up’) and it became more about how we felt about our look, rather than how we thought others viewed us.

How we feel about our look. This is a statement that gave many of us pause as we reflected on several aspects of our appearance; how much time we dedicated to our look, and what felt ‘good’ for us to do.

In the past we groomed ourselves based on how we needed to look at work. Now as we get out of our homes and back to the office it has become more about what we have discovered makes US feel great about ourselves, what makes US happy and feel confident.

Turn and Face the Change

One aspect of change is that many of us have streamlined our get-ready or beauty regimen by incorporating multi-functional products with benefits.

This is exactly how I developed Susan Posnick Cosmetics to function.

All of our products are strategically designed to be multi-purpose, (2 and 3 and 4-in-1), to simplify routines. They feature healthy AND high performing ingredients in eco-friendly and compact packaging designs, that can fit inside one small mesh see-through bag and travel from home to work to event, effortlessly.

COLORFLO which sits at the center of the line, is a great example of a multi-purpose product with uncompromising benefits. It is a luxuriously healthy mineral foundation which brushes on in just seconds, providing weightless, breathable coverage and sun protection. With natural ingredients and vitamins to perfect skin, it also acts as a barrier to environmental pollutants.

Did you know, COLORFLO acts as a barrier from digital screens which emit blue light (your smartphone, TV, computer, tablet, and smartwatch? (Yes, it does that too!)

Everyone knows that our COLORFLO natura foundation protects from UVA and UVB rays—outdoors, but also, indoors with sunlight filtering through glass windows. Blue light can also cause damage to skin based on the proximity to the device (how close your face is to the screen) and the size of the device.

Wearing multi-purpose COLORFLO foundation is a great way to both look good on screen and in the office, and because it is designed for travel and ease-of-use--touchups on-the-go or in the office are a snap, no mirror is needed.

Beauty Lit from Within

Even over these last months, the need for a hint of glamour and glow has always enticed me. During this time of working from home, I found that something as small as a kiss of shimmer on my cheeks or eyelids gave me a smile.

Most often I use our ILLUMINATE Face & Body for barely-there highlights that feel like silk on my cheekbones and eyelids, and when I want to play up my eyes more, I dampen my Susan Posnick Multi-Use Brush, dip it onto Illuminate and apply. This product is perfection—it can take a daytime office look to a glamorous après work look in a swift sweep across lids, cheeks, lips and body.

A Kiss of Color – Unmasked!

This unique time in our history has changed us all, yet as we prepare to return to what resembles life pre-Covid, how we choose to groom ourselves is entirely up to us, but what every woman wants to project is confidence- a brand pillar of the Susan Posnick range.

Wearing a face-protecting mask has been an important part of staying healthy, but I miss wearing lipstick and lip gloss and always look forward to a Zoom Meeting when I can apply lipstick, as it always makes me feel more polished.

Having been a make-up artist for many years, I’ve learned that what you see in the mirror is somewhat different than what appears through a camera lens so I have always recommended a more neutral lipstick shade for Zoom calls… But lately, I have more of a “throw caution to the wind” attitude- and my ‘brights’ have been coming out!

The beauty of our COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks is that they are specially formulated to adapt to your natural lip color- making every lipstick your personal shade- complementing your skin tone with cutting edge technology, for a long-wearing lipstick rich in color. With an olive oil and jojoba base for moisture and the anti-oxidant rich Paracress plant for hydration, these lip colors are like your favorite lip balm with the staying power to reduce feathering and the appearance of fine lines.

Find Yourself Again in the Workplace with Susan Posnick Cosmetics

How Susan Posnick Cosmetics can help you feel your best in this new paradigm of grooming from home to office, celebrating a shift in acceptable work-beauty, and the transition in-between… will be my privilege.

I look forward to continuing to be your choice of gluten-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic multi-functional cosmetics, that will protect you and help you look and feel your most radiant, beautiful self at any age.

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