Nature, Science, and Cosmetics A Clean Beauty Journey

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Susan Posnick winning the Humanitarian award

Nature always amazes and surprises us.

The natural eco-system with its beauty of color, infinite combinations and transformation through an unseen and powerful force of which we are connected. That’s the amazing part. 

The surprising part is how I was touched by this powerful force that changed me, my career and propelled me on a life-altering journey.

I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

This is a diagnosis that no one wants to hear and for someone like me, who’s made a lifelong career in beauty and make-up artistry, I was devastated. However, this diagnosis also awakened a new awareness and drove me to recognize the need to regain my health, re-evaluate my life and my views on beauty and wellness.

I realized I wanted, no I needed, clean beauty products with natural ingredients that would protect me, elements that would help my skin be healthier while still looking like natural make-up, not a ‘mask’. Products and ingredients derived from clean natural sources that would have minimal environmental impact and maximum results—both for beauty and for protection. 

After researching and trying hundreds of products, I couldn’t find anything that worked to my expectations. I knew if I was having this problem, and I’m a make-up artist, I’m sure other women are having a problem finding clean performing make-up products too.

I set to task researching natural make-up, vegan make up, cruelty-free make-up and sunscreens, sun block and sun protection. What worked and what didn’t? My criteria were absolutely clear:  I wanted to create safe, clean make-up that was naturally derived, easy to use, and performed.  And face it (pun intended!), we all need some help with those imperfections we see that no one else notices!

My skin cancer recovery journey enabled me to understand the importance of ingredients and how those ingredients influence the outcome I sought. My goal was to merge naturally derived ingredients with the science of how those ingredients support skin health and beauty. 

I realized that nature needed a little help with some added safe elements to deliver a formula with the results that women demanded such as texture, long-wearing and age-embracing. After three years of research and development, I created a product that would help people and also have a positive impact on the industry: COLORFLO.

My ‘Star was Born’! 

I developed a product that would help change an industry on a much deeper level than what was currently being offered: the cleanest and most effective natural sun-protecting mineral makeup on the market. And not only was it a great product, but it will also help people, who like me, needed protection and still wanted to look our best.

My next thought was one of even more expansive impact: What good is having a clean product if the package it came in was harmful to the environment? More research and development ensued—and finally, I developed packaging that was aligned with my eco-standards.  I created a patented self-dispensing, refillable makeup brush, designed so that when you unscrew the bottom of the brush, you can replace your COLORFLO cartridge and continue to use your brush. Double winner—environmental and cost savings!

And my vision for clean beauty expanded. 

My next product BRUSH ON BLOCK is similar to COLORFLO, but it’s sun protection for men, women and children. It’s actually invisible!  Its’ an all-natural mineral sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, is water-resistant up to 80 minutes and sweat -resistant. And its great protection to brush on the back of your hands too. It’s also refillable, making it the perfect sun protection product for all outdoor activities from beach to golf to tennis to gardening.  This is ideal clean sun protection for the entire family---and it’s environmental too!

When I was diagnosed with skin cancer, it became my mission to help save lives by creating healthy products to prevent skin cancer and premature aging from the sunCOLORFLO and BRUSH ON BLOCK are the only products I wear for sun protection and foundation for more than 20 years.

The art of merging nature and natural elements with science is a hallmark of the Susan Posnick Cosmetics. All of my products honor wellness through clean beauty, transcend skin color, gender and are the age-embracing beauty choice for everyone who seeks to look their best and support our planet.

The Susan Posnick Cosmetics team supports a healthier, greener and more beautiful planet!

Susan, having survived skin cancer, is passionate about sharing and helping others by supporting related causes. Most recently, she received the Skin Cancer Survivor Humanitarian Award in Vienna for her work in preventing skin cancer. Additional accolades include the Rising Star Award for Beauty from FGI, and numerous additional recognitions for the work she continues to do in both her community of Dallas and around the world.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics are sold worldwide in spas, apothecaries, salons, and specialty retail stores. Contact us today and get your all-natural beauty products from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

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