Best Clean Makeup Beauty Products of 2021

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Best Clean Beauty Products Susan Posnick Cosmetics

What is Clean Beauty?

If you are applying beauty products to your face or skin, you probably are curious as to what exactly is in them. Many brands put harmful chemicals and ingredients into their beauty products that have been shown to cause harmful reactions, sometimes even skin cancer. In response, many consumers have started using clean beauty products instead. Clean beauty products are created without ingredients that have been shown or are suspected to harm human health.

Many brands have also leaned heavily on clean beauty marketing to attract new customers. But if a product is marketed as ‘clean’, does that always mean that it actually is? As a consumer, it can be hard to sift through the countless options of products to find the ones that are right for your skin, in your budget, and actually produced with clean ingredients.

How and Why Susan Posnick Cosmetics Creates the Best Clean Beauty Makeup Products

Through her own journey battling skin cancer, Susan Posnick founded her cosmetics company to focus on developing her first innovative and clean product, COLORFLO. This product, the core of the line, provides brush-on perfection that is self-dispensing, and is the original on-the-go natural sun protection and healthy foundation coverage solution. The same passion, dedication, and time that went into the development of COLORFLO continues in her attention to detail and quality with each of the products in the Susan Posnick line, products that are as beautiful as they are healthy.

That’s why when you purchase your beauty products from Susan Posnick Cosmetics, you can trust that you’re applying clean and safe ingredients to your skin.

Best Clean Beauty Makeup Products

To help you easily find amazing beauty products that are clean and healthy for your skin, we have highlighted several Susan Posnick Cosmetics products that are sure to make your natural beauty shine.

Use the Best Clean Beauty Foundation

COLORFLO is an all-natural brush-on powder sunscreen, anti-aging skin treatment, and mineral foundation color all in one – to nourish and perfect all skins, at any age. Protect your face, body, and hands from the harmful rays of the sun, blue light, and environmental pollutants at the same time with natural sun protection and zinc oxide. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which take up to half an hour to create a chemical filter of the sun, these healthiest physical sunscreens immediately block harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will never clog pores or irritate sensitive skin conditions.

COLORFLO comes in 12 shades, to include every skin tone. It is also 100% Vegan, Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, and Cruelty free.

Clean Beauty Blush COLORME Susan Posnick Cosmetics

We Offer Great Clean Beauty Blush, Eyeshadow, and Lip Tint

Look no further than COLORME for one clean, multi-purpose product to blush your cheeks, and sweep on your eyelids. Tap the color from the deliciously soft sponge applicator onto your lips for a perfect, long lasting, lip tint. With pure, highly-pigmented color, vitamins, and titanium dioxide, this little pot makes the 5 minute makeup a breeze. COLORME comes in 7 shades, to complement every skin tone. It is Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, and Cruelty-free.

Clean Beauty Blush, Eyeshadow, and Lip Tint

Lip Gloss That Hydrates

Susan Posnick Cosmetics also delivers a fantastic and clean lip gloss. The Double Duty Lip Gloss and Blush Tint is both hydrating and flattering. This vegan hydrating lip gloss and natural blush tint for cheeks delivers a blast of color to make those lips and cheeks really pop. The three universally flattering and versatile colors were designed to be worn alone on lips or cheeks or can be layered over our COLORESSENTIAL lipsticks or COLORME blush for limitless options and effects. In one quick sweep, this unique formula, created with multi-dimensional pearls, becomes a dazzling luminizer that lasts. Apply it over COLORME to create a moisturizing lip tint. The Double Duty lip gloss boasts a non-sticky formulation and is Vegan, Cruelty-free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-free, and Silicone-free. It provides luscious color and is moisturizing through plant-derived squalene, olive, and jojoba oils.

Best Clean Beauty Products Natural Hydrating Lip Gloss Susan Posnick Cosmetics

Susan Posnick is a True Beauty Expert

Susan spent 20+ years working as a celebrity makeup artist traveling the world on photo shoots, commercials, and films. In addition, Susan was Mary Kay's personal makeup artist for 18 years. When she was diagnosed with skin cancer and was highly reactive to chemical sunscreens, she shifted creative direction and began creating a natural, healthy sunscreen/foundation that could be carried with you for all-day application and protection. This first product COLORFLO, is the original compact, multi-purpose color cosmetic line, designed to de-clutter your makeup life and routine, using healthy products.

Susan is the recipient of an International Humanitarian Award for developing COLORFLO and Brush On Block and educating on the signs and treatment for all types of skin cancers.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics are clean and healthy and may be purchased worldwide in spas, apothecaries, salons, and specialty retail stores and on our online store.

Both Susan and her products have been featured in major publications and magazines; INSTYLE, Marie Claire, VOGUE, Allure, Real Simple, Lucky, and Town & Country.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and to purchase your healthy beauty products and gift cards from Susan Posnick Cosmetics. Your beauty is our business.

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