Falling in Love With Fall Colors

Posted by Jessica Juderman-Van Brunt on

Driving home felt like I was carry a present I wasn’t allowed to open. When I FINALLY got to my apartment (it’s surprising how much excitement can build in a 3 minute drive) I flung open my door kicked off my favorite Prada Loafers and practically sprinted to my vanity. I gathered myself and sat down to open my brand new beautifully stuffed Susan Posnick Cosmetic bag. I peel back the zipper and you know that scene you see in movies where they open a package and a bright light comes shining out and angels start singing, it was one of those moments. These fall colors are just as enchanting as the leaves that paint the streets each season.  After playing around with the products I could see why Susan named them her 2016 fall favorites.

Her COLORME Scarlett gives that soft flush to the cheeks as if you have been strolling a pumpkin patch in the cool, fall air. You can also use it as an eye shadow to achieve the perfect blush colored lids that are so trendy this fall.

For the lips LONDON is a bronze berry color that is the fall shade everyone needs. It looks amazing on all skin tones. If you want to go for a deeper tone RIO is perfect with more of a mulberry shade. For a flirtier lip, NYC is a berry nude that looks like you’ve been nibbling your lips or a delicious fall pastry.  

To compliment those fall kissed lips COLOREYEDEFINE in platinum/gold is light enough to let your deep lip shade shine but bright enough to really bring out your eye color.

With multiple twirl of the Susan Posnick mascara wand your magical fall makeup is ready for any fall festivity.

Now that I have the fall makeup thing on lock my next order of business is figuring out how in the world to dress for the season Texas style. Check back next week when I share some tips on how to wear your fall fashion favorites with out breaking a sweat.





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