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Hi ya’ll! I’m Milly Ogden and I'm your new blogger during my internship here at Susan Posnick. I'm so excited to be bringing you weekly blogs on behind the scene make up tips, giveaways, exclusive deals and to share much more informtion about the brand. But before I start, you probably want to know who it is behind this computer screen.

10 things you may want to know about me:

  1. I am about to graduate from Southern Methodist University with a double major in Journalism and Fashion Media and minors in Business and Advertising. I am so excited for my future but also never want to leave my amazing school.
  2. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity and love my sisters and the amazing things we do like our work with First Book.
  3. The most important thing to me is my family. My Mom teaches me how to be the woman I want to be. She is infectiously sweet, incredibly beautiful inside and out, and would sacrifice anything for her family. She is my inspiration both in life and in fashion. My Dad teaches me how I should treat every human with compassion. He is a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon working as a professor at Stanford and the smartest, most loving and selfless man there is. My parents are my biggest supporters and have always let me follow my heart. My Younger sister teaches me how to be a free spirit and love the world we live in. She is a per-med student at University of Southern California. She is a protector of the earth; a nature-loving hippy. She is the yin to my yang.
  4. I grew up in Texas but moved to California when I was 15. I will always be a Texas girl, which is why I came back for school and never plan on leaving my fabulous state.
  5. I have gone to 12 different schools which leads everyone to the follow up question, seems to be, “Were you an army brat?” to which my standard response is always no, my Dad just never wanted to stay in one place. I use to hate it, but now I see it has made me an adaptable person and I have friends all over the world. I wouldn’t give them up for anything.
  6. I am told my celebrity look alike is Kate Hudson, but I talk like Drew Barrymore almost every time I go out.
  7. Whenever I see a dog I almost cry because I can’t contain myself over the cuteness, especially if it’s an extra chunky bulldog. (Shed a tear just thinking about one)
  8. I LOVE food. I have a goofy happy dance I unconsciously do every time I’m about to eat.
  9. I adore Makeup. It is not because I think women should wear a mask, it is because I love that women can feel more confident and more empowered with a stroke of a lipstick. Makeup can enhance the beauty all women already have. It just adds some sparkle, to make them shine even brighter.
  10. Last but certainly not least I love Susan Posnick Cosmetics. I wanted to work with Susan because her story is so incredible. While working as a respected world-renowned make-up artist she was diagnosed with skin cancer. This was her inspiration behind COLORFLO a flawless foundation that protects against sun damage. Her inspiration really struck a personal note for me. My dad has had multiple surgeries to remove his skin cancers. He is fighting it to this day. It is one of the scariest things my family and I have dealt with. I couldn’t even imagine how terrifying it would be to actually be the one with skin cancer. Since this happened to my Dad he has always stressed the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. That is why I love COLORFLO and the message behind the brand. It is not only a beautiful product but the only one I know of that also protects your beauty.
These are all the important and silly things I told Susan when I sat down with her on my first day. I considered it a success because I left even more excited than I was when I walked in. I got to meet the vibrant and beautiful make-up artist and businesswoman Susan Posnick, along with all the lovely women I will be working with. All the ideas I had for Susan and the plans we made for all the Susan Posnick Cosmetics lovers had my brain running like I would on a Black Friday shoe sale.
Before I left the office Susan handed me some homework. You’re probably thinking “that’s rough, already taking work home on the first day?” Nope. This was the only homework in the history of homework that had me feeling like a kid running home to open a birthday present. This is not the kind of work you would send home with an accounting or law intern. This was the kind of work I have been looking to find my whole life. It wasn’t a file, it wasn’t a task sheet, what Susan handed me was one of her cosmetic bags stuffed full of her favorite Susan Posnick fall make up colors.

I will tell you all about the fall products I got to pamper myself with next week, and I’ll give you Susan’s expert advice on how to achieve the perfect fall look.

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