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Susan Posnick Cosmetics, Inc., was one of the first companies to develop a clean mineral makeup over 20 years ago, and to my knowledge, the first to add zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for sun protection.

With our COLORFLO mineral foundation you don’t see or feel anything on the skin- it simply and beautifully protects it from damaging UVA and UVB sun rays and makes the skin look airbrushed.

Why Mineral Makeup?

Although formulas, additives, and packaging are what differentiate brands, I strongly believe that powdered mineral makeup is the best sun protection and healthiest foundation one can wear.

The reason being is that when minerals are in their powdered form, there is no need for the preservatives, actual powder products, and the chemicals usually found in liquid and cream foundations.

Are All Mineral Makeups the Same?

All mineral makeups are not created equal. Our formula is created with only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The problem with many of the formulations is that you can see them sitting on the skin. Sometimes that can be from too much mica or inferior raw ingredients or due to the mill of the product. Particularly with the more inexpensive brands, there are a lot of fillers in the product which greatly reduce the cost. Most of them do not contain enough zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide to offer sun protection. 

One lab that we work with for a different product actually informed me that one of the companies they had manufactured mineral makeup for included ground-up sea glass in their product. It was considered a filler and the rationalization was that as it came from the earth, they could classify it as a mineral.

In addition, one of the problems with many of the formulations on the market is that you can see them sitting on the skin. Sometimes that can be from too much mica or inferior raw ingredients

With our COLORFLO foundation, it is more about what is not in the product, rather than what is.

Why Should You Choose COLORFLO?

I can unequivocally state that we have the purest and most effective natural mineral makeup on the market. I spent 3 years working on the formulation and have tweaked it along the way, continuing to improve the quality of both the product and the brush.

Having an extensive career as a makeup artist, my skin being sensitive to many ingredients including chemical sunscreens, and wanting to be sure my line was all-inclusive, were all critical points that I knew from the beginning I needed to address in the formulation.

  • Our COLORFLO can be worn by women of all ages and skin types. If you have oily skin the minerals will absorb the oils, making it perfect for a touchup that doesn’t even need a mirror. Because there is no powder in the product, and just a touch of mica to reflect light, the skin never looks dry- only hydrated and healthy.
  • COLORFLO is weightless on the skin, allows the skin to breathe through it, protects against free radicals in the environment, and never settles into lines.
  • COLORFLO is designed to warm to your skin, becoming your skin. It is invisible to the eye, simply improving the skin’s texture and uneven skin tone, making your skin look beautiful. Whether you prefer light coverage or heavy, all you need to do is continue to brush on layers. No matter how much you put on, it is still invisible.
  • COLORFLO is so pure, that it should always be the go-to for sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne-prone skin. 

In addition to COLORFLO being your foundation, different shades of COLORFLO can be used to highlight, conceal, and contour while offering the sun protection we all need to be wearing each day, rain or shine.

I love when our customers refer to the COLORFLO brush as their magic wand.

Why Is Packaging Important?

From the beginning, I not only wanted to make a sun protection product that could be your foundation, but I wanted that product to be portable so that it could travel with you in your purse, your tennis bag, and your pocket. 

The end result is a patented self-dispensing, refillable makeup brush, designed so that when you unscrew the bottom of the brush, you can replace your cartridge and continue to use your brush. It was also designed to be easily washed, and it is economical and environmentally friendly because of the refills.

All of the products I have created in the line are multi-purpose, many in unique packaging -all designed to be your beauty basics.     

Why Do We Offer a Complete Shade Range? 

Working as a makeup artist for so many years, even 20 years ago I saw the need for my products to be designed with a complete color range. No matter how dark the skin, it can still get sunburned, and ultimately skin cancer may be the result. In addition, who doesn’t want smoother, more even-looking skin?

It is my hope that this has been a good start to understanding what mineral makeup is and why I will always recommend COLORFLO as your foundation. Mineral makeup was definitely a trend for a number of years, but because many formulas did not look natural on the skin, women began to look elsewhere.

It is my intention to introduce a new generation to our mineral foundation because for me and thousands of our customers COLORFLO will always be the go-to for foundation and of course sun protection.

Experience Beauty in a Happy and Healthy Light, with Susan Posnick Cosmetics 

The mission at Susan Posnick Cosmetics has always been to help save lives by using healthy products to prevent skin cancer and premature aging from the sun. COLORFLO is the only product I wear for sun protection and foundation, and it has been since I started working on the formulation over 20 years ago.

We know we make the best mineral foundation in the market and our extensive array of repeat customers confirm that. Have questions? Reach out to us today! We are always available to help.

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