A Revolution in Clean- A Hand Sanitizer & Instant-Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner- In One!

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We have all gotten very accustomed to sanitizing our hands frequently, yet we forget that our brushes and tools need regular cleaning too. How often are you removing the daily accumulation of makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria that builds up on your brushes? If you are like most, probably not as often as you need to. Why? (Because it is a bit of a chore, right?)

Susan Posnick Cosmetics already makes the best scented hand sanitizer in the market, but did you know, it can clean and sanitize your brushes instantly too? 

Yes- It Is Revolutionary! Here is why:

We all know that keeping makeup brushes clean prevents bacteria from forming on the brush, (and from getting transmitted to your face!)  We also know that the most effective way to clean brushes has always involved washing them with a gentle shampoo to keep the brush hairs soft and intact.

The problem with that for most is that it takes overnight for many brushes to dry- hence the reason most people just do not wash their brushes often enough.

As always, we at Susan Posnick Cosmetics look for better, more innovative, and effective options for natural products. Our launch of our hand sanitizer in the Fall of 2020 was primarily directed towards our online customers, as we wanted to get their feedback on the product before going into full scale production. 

At the time we did not even bring up the fact that we knew it cleans and prevents bacteria from forming in makeup brushes.

Well, the feedback on the sanitizer from our customers surpassed even what we might have expected.

Do Natural Brush Cleaners Actually Work?

In short answer, yes! However, there have been drawbacks.

Options in the marketplace for cleaning and sanitizing brushes today include:

  1. Chemically based cleaners: These have been favored in the past because they dried brushes quickly, however, the problems that can arise from these include issues from inhaling and applying chemicals to your face, and brush hairs becoming brittle and splitting over not too long a time.
  1. Non-chemically based cleaners: Typically, these contain an abundance of water and the brush will take a long time to dry after it is cleaned before it can be used again.

Now, you have a new and better way to makeup brush cleaning that is quick and easy, with our Instant-Dry Susan Posnick Sanitizer!

How to Clean Make Up Brushes Properly

With our go-anywhere sanitizer, it could not be faster or easier.

Step 1: Spray some sanitizer onto a folded paper towel or tissue.

Step 2: Swipe your brush back and forth across the towel in a zig zag pattern.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until all the makeup is on the towel, and you no longer see it on the brush!

Note: Some high pigments may “stain” brush hairs, however if there is no transfer you can see of color on the towel, they are effectively cleaned.

Lastly, I get a lot of people asking me when to throw brushes away. The rule of thumb I use, is when you see evidence of over-drying and splitting in the brush hairs; that is the breeding ground for trapped bacteria!

Not to worry! Did you know we sell well-thought out, multi-purpose, handmade artisan makeup brushes too? What our customers love about them, is that when it comes time to replace them, our few make up brush Essentials take the place of many, saving time and money.

The Perfect Balance of Pure & Effective 

What is remarkable to most that have already tried our sanitizer / brush cleaner, is that it contains only 4 natural ingredients: 

  1. Aloe Vera: Keeps your hands soft by increasing moisture in the skin, brush hairs from over-drying, and it is anti-bacterial
  2. Two Essential Oils, Lavender and Lemongrass: Both smell heavenly and they have antiseptic properties too, and keep your brush hairs luxurious and soft, helping to extend the life of your brushes
  3. Isopropyl alcohol: Preferred to other alcohols, it is a superior quick cleanser and eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria on contact

Our Multi-Purpose-Driven Mission, Continued

Research has shown that wearing of masks and using sanitizer frequently helps in the prevention of spreading the COVID virus. In addition, it is a large part of the reason we have seen so few cases worldwide of traditional flu strains and colds this past year.

As it seems we will be adopting these new habits for a time to come, we have some other tips and tricks we can share, that our customers have shared with us!

If you have noticed your own breath while wearing your mask for hours on end, use one small spray of the sanitizer inside your mask! This will alleviate that problem, ultra-sanitize the mask, and leave your nose with a subtle soft scent.

Isn’t that Beautiful?

So, if you need a pure and multi-purpose instant dry and moisturizing sanitizer for your hands, tools, and brushes, you need not look further than the Susan Posnick brand.

Available at the finest stores and spas worldwide and at the Susan Posnick Online Cosmetic Store.

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