The Event at La Vignette and what I learned About Susan Posnick as a Person

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I tagged along with Susan to take pictures at one of her events today. She was at La Vignette, a newer lifestyle boutique in Snider Plaza, doing women’s makeup. The women who I met that day were all incredibly beautiful inside and out. There was a mother- daughter customer duo, Phyllis and Haley who were such fun to get to know. Haley and I bonded over school and work while we talked about her degree in Mathematics (beauty and brains). Phyllis was able to find a product she could actually use, finally ending her search for something she wasn’t allergic to. Susan’s all natural products were perfect for her.  By the end of the makeover we had made two new friends. That’s the thing about Susan; everyone she meets becomes a friend.

Another customer Kathy, came in after the very long and stressful day, the details of which she shared with us. She was not a new customer. Kathy had come all the way from out of town just so she could talk to Susan. She met Susan years ago at her Neiman Marcus counter, and her customer loyalty has also grown into a friendship.  Kathy picked up her COLORFLO and stayed and chatted with us. I forgot we were in a store while Susan and Kathy caught up like two friends sitting in a living room talking about life. When she left, the stress of her day had washed away and she walked outside the door laughing and smiling.

It was such fun to see Susan working and interacting with her customers. One of the many things I love about the brand is that Susan is not just selling a product, she is creating customer loyalty because she truly cares about women, creating products that are healthy, easy and travel-friendly.

After the store closed up I got to stick around and visit with the incredibly sweet and  adorable Melissa Benge, the owner of La Vignette, and the fun and loveable Aileen, the store manager. Susan and I both found out that Melissa has also been a long time customer of Susan Posnick. Both women got to have the COLORCORRECT applied by the expert and fell in love with it (how could you not).

 We shopped around the gorgeous store with Melissa and Aileen. I felt like I was in a chateau in the French countryside as she gave us the grand tour. Sparkling chandeliers lit the room, casting a romantic, soft light on the one-of -a -kind jewelry from France, the unique home goods and fashion-forward, affordable apparel. There was a dress in the window, a black, long sleeve dress with rhinestone cuffs and we made Susan try it on. She looked fabulous in it- no surprise there, and although I am not a good influence when shopping- as I am a shopper, she looked just that good in it, I wasn’t going to let her leave without it.

After playing dress- up with our new friends at La Vignette, Susan and I decided to go to Penne Pomodoro, an Italian restaurant down the block. This was the first time I had really spent quality time with Susan outside of the office. I was a little nervous as she is my boss, but once we sat down the nerves flew right off. She didn’t ask me a thing work related. Instead she asked me about my family, my life, my passions and my dreams. I had never had a boss that truly cared about what I had to say, and who wanted to actually know who I am outside of work. We indulged in creamy pastas and talked for hours. I discovered things about her that I would have never known had our relationship not extended outside of the office. I admire her for her life travels and free spirit, as well as her accomplishments as a businesswoman.  I walked away from our dinner with even more respect for her as a woman. She gives women confidence, and takes an interest in people that makes them feel special. She truly cares about her customers and designs every product detail with them in mind. This is why her brand is truly unique and something that is rare to come by with a nationally recognized brand.  Susan wants every customer to feel beautiful, not just look it.

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