Today I learned two very important lessons

Posted by Jessica Juderman-Van Brunt on

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a cute fall date to the Texas State Fair. Now that I am sadly too big for the rides (to my boyfriend’s dismay I tried to use my shortness to pass for a kid and failed) I was there mostly to see the crazy fried foods people come up with. From chicken fried bacon to fried Jell-O, things can get really greasy. Being health conscious I opted for corn on the cob while my boyfriend downed his fried Sriracha ball. There is apparently an art to eating corn on the cob that I just have not mastered. I took a couple of delicious bites, looked up at my boyfriend who somehow finagled a fried Oreo while I wasn’t looking, and realized something must be wrong. He looked at me in confusion, squinting at my face and tilting his head from side to side, like a puppy does when you make a weird noise. Because I was not wearing Susan’s super lasting lipstick, the lipstick I was wearing somehow made its way up my entire face all the way to my forehead. This would have been a serious situation given that the “cleanest” bathroom at the fair was at least a mile away and probably didn’t have mirrors. But then I remembered! I brought my Susan Posnick Cosmetic Bag with me. On my first day Susan was telling me about how her make up is designed for on-the- go ease. So I just pulled it out and used the mirror on the lid of COLORME to first wipe off the mess of corn streaming up my face. Then I applied Susan Posnick NYC lipstick so one, I could continue eating without the evidence all over my face, and two because it is the perfect fall shade. Crisis averted. I even added an extra layer of COLORFLO while I was at it since I was going to be outside all day.

Although I think the moral of this story is to never eat corn on the cob without long lasting lipstick on, I also learned to carry my Susan Posnick bag wherever I go. Susan Posnick allows women to be fabulous in a flash with her on-the-go friendly designs. It may even save you from a makeup emergency. Consider it your little makeup first-aid kit, always there to fix a boo boo. 

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