Rediscovering Philanthropy November

Posted by Rachelle Espindola on


As we enter the holiday season, we are taking a look back at moments of gratitude and giving back. 

We’re so excited to announce Susan Posnick has been chosen as the recipient of the International MyAid Award for some of her most-loved products, Brush on Block and COLORFLO, and her continued commitment to sun protection. Both of these mineral sunscreens are natural, portable and suited for any skin tone or type, regardless of age, race, or gender.

Susan will be traveling to Vienna, Austria, to receive this award at the Dancer Against Cancer Ball, which will be held in her honor at the Hofburg Imperial Palace on April 14th, 2018.

Susan’s passion for sun protection comes from an extremely personal place. After her own diagnosis with skin cancer in 2000, Susan, a celebrity makeup artist, saw a need for a line of products just as beautiful as they are healthy. With this, Susan Posnick Cosmetics was founded based on the principles on real life, on-the-go beauty and sun protection.

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