How My Skin Cancer Diagnosis Inspired My Purposeful Brand

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For 15+ years, I traveled the globe as an international makeup artist. One morning I noticed an unusual spot on my face, and after a visit to the dermatologist, it was diagnosed as skin cancer.

I had spent much of my life working on a tan -- always to no avail. I was the fair-skinned one who got sunburned, and on occasion sun poisoning. Unbeknownst to me, two serious sunburns before the age of 18, practically guarantees at least one form of skin cancer. With an allergy to chemical sunscreens, the only protection I got -- which was little -- was wearing foundation, and I couldn’t stand the way it felt on my skin.

That diagnosis changed my life.

I then shifted my creative brain in the direction of creating my first product -- COLORFLO, a product that would provide healthy, natural sun protection with color, in a self-dispensing, refillable brush.

After three years of intensive research working with a brilliant chemist and a forward-thinking packaging company, I birthed my company, SUSAN POSNICK COSMETICS, INC., with COLORFLO in 2002. My intention was (and always will be), to hopefully help save lives by protecting the skin against sun damage and potential skin cancer, and against visible signs of aging.

My realized intention was that this product would be not just your sun protection, using only non-chemical zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but also your foundation. It was to be the first of my products to uphold the standards that I began creating for my company.

First and foremost, WHAT IS HEALTHY IS BEAUTIFUL. My products were CLEAN long before the term was popularized. My products are your BEAUTY ESSENTIALS with healthy ingredients. SUSTAINABILITY is important, with eco-friendly packaging and minimal, multi-use products to produce maximum results. Lastly, I value GIVING BACK to your community and beyond.

For me -- and my company -- WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL CAN SAVE LIVES.

Personal update: with ongoing body checks every six months, I continue to have non-malignant skin cancers due to my lack of sun protection in my youth, but with the use of COLORFLO on my face, neck and hands, there are no signs of sun damage or aging.

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