10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

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1. Too much foundation.

Many liquid foundations have a tendency to settle into fine lines, aging you. Use a more pigmented highlighter or corrector to spot treat areas you when you want to neutralize sun spots, dark circles, and redness, and highlight areas of the face. Finish your look with a soft, mineral foundation to even the skin tone instead of caking on layers of product. We love COLORFLO because it provides sun protection and looks just like skin while providing beautiful coverage.

2. The wrong shade.

Try to keep two foundation shades on hand so you can adjust your color depending on your skin tone throughout the year. It's better to adjust your shade to a warmer or darker color as going too light can actually age your look. Find your perfect shade by testing foundation on the cheek, close to the jawline.

3. Sparkly products.

Products with actual glitter or sparkle draw attention to fine lines. For a radiant glow, choose an illuminating product instead. We recommend ILLUMINATE in universally flattering shades Champagne, Whisper and Seduction, as they softly reflect light for a lit-from-within glow.

4. Too much blush.

Harsh blush can drag down the face and give an overly made-up appearance. Try giving the skin a natural flush rather than a blush by choosing COLORME in softer shades like Lilly or Camelia. Be sure to sweep onto the cheekbone starting at the center of the eye using an upward motion, as this will give the illusion of lifting the face for a fresh look.

5. Harsh brows.

Heavily drawn on or sharply arched brows can harden your look. While defining the brows is important, be sure to choose a soft taupe color powder or pencil and use short upward strokes to mimic the look of eyebrow hairs. This technique will frame your face and take years off your appearance, leaving you with soft and natural looking brows.

6. Too much eye shadow.

Overdone eyeshadow can date your look. Try sweeping a blush on the eyelids instead to brighten eyes and make your eye color pop. Finish with COLORCOATED mascara, focusing on the top lashes and outer corner of the bottom lashes to add definition to the look.

7. Heavy eyeliner.

Heavy liner across the top lid makes eyes look heavy, while dark liner under the bottom lashes can make eyes look smaller. To frame the eyes and complement your makeup look, dot the liner side of COLOREYEDEFINE into the top lash line. Finish the look with a sweep of a copper, pale gold, silver, or aqua shade under the bottom lashes to open the eye and add a touch of color.

8. Dark contour.

While heavy contour is a popular look today, it is best to leave it to a professional or for photography or soft nighttime lighting. Too much shading on the cheeks can actually draw the attention downwards rather than up.  Instead, focus on highlighting areas where light is naturally reflected on the face. Choose a color lighter 2 shades lighter than your foundation and blend under the eyes, beneath the brow bone, and at the top of cheekbones for an uplifted look.

9. Undefined lips.

The definition of the top lip is often lost with age, so using products that create the look of natural fullness can instantly give a more ageless appearance and prevent feathering. Use a highlighting pencil like COLORCORRECT to draw a line just outside  the natural top lip line, then set with  powder. Follow this with a tinted lip pencil like COLORDUO in nude to give a naturally full look.  

10. Matte makeup.

Choose makeup with a natural or radiant finish to keep that youthful glow. Matte foundations can make the skin look drier and older.  Matte lipsticks, can dry out lips, making them look crepey. It's best to choose a hydrating lipstick to keep your lips looking full and moist. We love our COLORESSENTIAL lipstick as it contains jojoba and olive oils, providing lasting color but with the light and moisturized feel of your favorite lip balm.

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