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Susan Posnick Skin Cancer Survivor

May marks Skin Cancer Awareness Month. In this week’s blog and newsletter, Jenn Brooks at SPC talks about Hope, Taking Control, and teaming up with The Polka Dot Mama Foundation to promote early detection and prevention.

A Blog for The Cure

I have been building businesses and businesspeople for decades. My passion for my work is deeply rooted in helping others. When I was tapped last Fall to jump in with a (then-unnamed) Cosmetics company, I was pleased to hear Hope in their goals and identify a mirror-match to my own growth-and-results focused mentality. 

This business which I would later learn was founded by Susan Posnick, was in fact, about to launch a product that was both timely and innovative, when other companies were unfortunately projecting fear and loss.

What I did not know, was that I would become so emotionally involved in the Why behind this brand, its ethos, its founder, and her mission. 

Susan Posnick Cosmetics was born out of the mother of all Invention- Necessity. 

When Susan launched her hero product COLORFLO in the early 2000’s, she was embarking on something that had not yet been done; both in product AND packaging. Knowing what is involved in developing a wholly new and unproven product in an untested market- I’ll tell you- it’s an Olympic-level feat. This was the first indication I had of the nature of the woman behind SPC. 

Secondly, to get to know what she is about, you have to know that Susan stepped away from her full-time jet-setting illustrious career as an MUA to the stars to make Healthy Beauty her main business. (She still does private sessions yet tutorials and Education for accounts is handled mostly through Zoom). She leapt, and the net appeared. 

The fruit of Susan’s labor, we know now; A 100% all-natural mineral take-anywhere refillable product that addresses both Beauty and Health.

On the Beauty side: In 12+ shades, it miraculously works as a concealer, highlighter, bronzer, foundation, and setting powder - all in one. 

Humans, from 17 to 78 can easily get an airbrushed skin perfecting look in just seconds by simply brushing it on. It warms and adapts to Every skin tone, is weightless and undetectable (unisex), will not crease or cake and is even sweat and water resistant. 

On the Health side: As it is loaded with vitamins, it improves the look and feel of skin, and chronic skin issues too. It is safe to use immediately after skin treatments, without irritation. 

But here is the reason why SPC the brand, has been embraced all over the world, and Susan Posnick is a Humanitarian award winner today for both COLORFLO and Brush on Block;

It provides immediate physical protection from the harmful rays of the sun and acts as a barrier to environmental pollutants.

All this said, I have found in the last months a lot of people still do not know that what truly motivated it all, is helping others.

Saving Lives Is Beautiful

Susan was diagnosed with skin cancer, and Overnight her world changed. In that state she became hyper aware of the problems with chemically based cosmetics and sun protection. Because a solution did not exist, she created it for herself and others. 

This lack of fear and abundance of faith described above makes more sense once you know Susan’s story.

Mineral makeup is not a new category today. “Clean Beauty” ...is now a household phrase. Safe and multipurpose beauty products such as Susan developed before their time, are preferred today. Consumers and professionals alike continue to become as she did, more knowledgeable about quality ingredients, and more sensitive to waste. 

They vote with their dollars about a product’s importance in their lifestyles and are vocal and demonstrative through new media and technology about how they feel a company’s brand story and offerings should support their personal values and goals.

I am one of these people, admittedly; ultra-conscious of what I am exposed to or ingest and tuned in to the effects on my body and mind. From organic to minimalist, what tied me directly to Susan’s mission the most though- was her brand pillar of Philanthropy. 

Susan gives back consistently on a local and International level, through donating her prestige products, increasing awareness by attending events, and promoting prevention and change-making at every opportunity. 

Getting Back to Giving Back

In the first three months of 2021, we at Susan Posnick Cosmetics have donated to, partnered with, and promoted six independent organizations and causes. 

As we approach May, which is Skin Cancer Awareness Month- we would like to take a moment to highlight one woman and her organization that has captured our hearts.

Let’s Face It- Skin Cancer Detection, And Prevention- Starts with Awareness

We were so excited to be invited to contribute to and take part in A Taste for The Cure, a virtual gala held in March by Tracy Callahan; founder of The Polka Dot Mama Melanoma Foundation, and 2019 recipient of the Sun Safe Hero Award. This award recognizes consumers who advocate for skin cancer awareness in their communities. 

Tracy Founder of Polka Dot Momma

Tracy is a vibrant, freckled, fierce advocate who like Susan, is using melanoma cancer diagnosis to change the world, one person at a time. 

Inspired by the nickname “Polka Dot Mama,” given to her by her two sons, Tracy started a blog and began to network with survivors and skin cancer organizations across the country. Tracy’s blog quickly morphed into a non-profit organization granted status in 2015. Since, PDMMF has raised over $500,000 to fund research, screenings, and impressive awareness and education events about melanoma. 

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. It is also one of the cancers that has the most social misconceptions and is talked about the least. Melanoma is one of the most preventable types of cancer; Yet the statistics are shocking. Each year, more than 76,000 Americans are diagnosed - that number has tripled in the last 30 years.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosis in young adults 25-29 years old in the United States, and the second most common cancer in young people 15-29. One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70.

One year to the day from when Tracy was diagnosed with melanoma the first time, she was re-diagnosed. The second melanoma showed up on her ankle. A third appeared in December 2014 on her arm, and a fourth appeared on her face in November 2017. Recently, she was diagnosed again.

Tracy teaches that if a melanoma is caught sooner rather than later, it could mean "the difference between living and fighting for your life." She speaks about a 22-year-old friend who developed 26 brain tumors from a melanoma, emphasizing that many patients are not as fortunate as she has been.

Tracy breaks it down: “...It is important to do self-skin checks looking for new or changing spots. Early detection really does save lives and knowing your skin is extremely important.” 

The Skin Cancer Foundation advises on making a dermatologist appointment at least once a year if not more. When Tracy goes to see her dermatologist, she has what is called total body photography. This allows her dermatologist to identify new and changing spots on her body. This was how her second, third, and fourth melanomas were identified.

At Susan Posnick Cosmetics we regularly promote personal preventative measures, like wearing COLORFLO that contains sun protection for your face, neck, shoulders, chest, and hands, along with hats and sunglasses whenever possible.

As we head outside in the coming months to shake off the amount of time that we have spent indoors last year... It is important to remember that the sun's harmful rays will not ever take a “break” and should be protected against all-year-long. 

Susan and Tracy both attribute their survival to a commitment early detection, personal prevention measures, and regular visits to dermatologists. We hope you will too.


Polka Dot Momma Infographic

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