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A bride before her wedding

Once again wedding season is upon us, and I am often asked, how should I wear my makeup for my wedding? 

Can I do it myself? Should I hire a makeup artist? And my first question is alwayswhat is your budget?

Makeup and hair people are wonderful to hire as it’s one less thing to think about, but you will easily need to spend $1000+ for you, moms, and bridesmaids. If you choose to hire hair and makeup people, I strongly suggest you have a run through before your wedding. Be specific about how you want to look, and bring pictures to help show the artist your vision.

You want to be sure you love what they do.

Next best option, ask a friend who loves doing makeup, there is always at least one, and see if they would be willing to do your makeup as a wedding gift. Again, do a run through first, and if you want your bridesmaids to look a certain way, draw a face chart for them to follow guide them in the kind of look you want, with lipstick color being most important. 


A bride with beautiful wedding day makeup

Our over 50 bride!

I always recommend keeping a soft, pretty look for your wedding day makeup. Too often we look back at our wedding day photos and quizzically wonder: What was I thinking?

Your wedding day makeup should be timeless and it’s so easy to do with Susan Posnick Cosmetics.

My personal preference is to keep your makeup look soft. Be sure to line your lips in a NUDE color as found on our COLORDUO Lip pencil, then add a soft color on the lip, like our COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in South Beach, L.A. or Marrakech, topping the lipstick with a touch of our non-sticky DD (double-duty) GLOSS in Crème Caramel, Cotton Candy or Red Velvet.

Keep your cheek color a ‘blushing bride’ soft using our COLORME in Camelia or Lilly on the apple of the cheek, or simply apply a few dots of the Red Velvet Gloss. 

If a Smokey eye is what you’re after, use browns or olive greens rather than black, which can look too hard. Our COLOREYEDEFINE in Bronze/Copper or Jasper/Sandstone will create that Smokey look without it being too strong.

Note: Beware of using red-based purples on your eyes, because after a few hours, the red tone becomes more prominent making your eyes look tired.

And lastly of course, wear multiple coats of mascara. I love our COLORCOATED mascara as it keeps your lashes long and separated and most importantly, is ‘wedding proof’/ tear proof and water resistant, yet removes with any cleanser.

If false lashes are a must for you, and I do admit I love a strip of lightweight ones like @ArdellDemiWispies, as they add fullness to your lashes, then remember to apply a coat of mascara to the lashes first.

If you prefer a stronger lip color for your wedding day, be sure to outline your lips and blend onto the lip, using the Rouge side of our COLORDUO pencil. This will insure long-wearing color that won’t smudge or bleed. Go all out with our COLORESSENTIAL in Paris or Rio, or opt for bright but not quite as strong with Shanghai. 

Remember, if your lips are stronger in color, then keep the eye shadows lighter in color, and focus on your eyeliner. A slight cat eye created by extending the liner past the outside corner with an upward lift- is always flattering.

TIP: I like to place a credit card at the outside corner of the eye tilted slightly up and draw the line just above the card. 

Line in our COLOREYEDEFINE liners in Jet, Amethyst or Sapphire, and soften and blend the color slightly using the complementary shadows on the other side, or blend two different shades together to add dimension. When keeping the eyes lighter, a heavier lash is more do-able.

Some of my favorites are by danielabellbeauty.com. All of her mink lashes are just dreamy and can be worn repeatedly.


So many weddings and photos are outdoors and the last thing you want is for your makeup to start melting off or your face and getting shiny. In addition, you want to stay sun protected.

I always recommend using our loose COLORFLO mineral foundation in the sifter container, with our beautifully, dense blending brush. You can get light to full coverage, be sun protected, and it goes on in a jiffy. In photos, more foundation really does look better, as long as you don’t look like you’re wearing a lot. 

Unlike liquid and cream foundations that can also provide more coverage, COLORFLO will not settle into lines on the face, which is often a problem for an over-40 bride. You may not see it in the photos, but your guests certainly will.

Lastly, be cautious with using shimmer on the face. Focus on the top of your cheekbones for that extra glow, a little on the eyelids, and of course your shoulders (if bared) and décolleté. Too much ‘glow’ will become too reflective in photos. Our ILLUMINATES in Champagne, Seduction, and Whisper, feel like silk going on and add just the right amount of glow to your skin.

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid’s gifts?

Susan Posnick is definitely your go-to. Luxurious, healthy products that won’t break the bank. Create a customized bag of healthy, beauty necessities. Start with their COLORFLO foundation shade, add an ILLUMINATE, as what girl doesn’t like a little shimmer, a COLORDUO Lip pencil and the Lipstick color and DD GLOSS you want them to wear for your wedding.

All the products fit into our custom mesh bag. Tie it up with a bow and you are good to go. 


Keep it to a minimum-especially if it’s a beach holiday. Grab our mesh bag and fill it with your COLORFLO self-dispensing foundation/sun protection brush, some DD GLOSS and COLORCOATED mascara. Add our Susan Posnick Bronzer, so you look like you've been in the sun, even if you've been sitting in the shade, and don’t forget our Brush-On Block for completely invisible brush-on sun protection .

Susan Posnick Cosmetics are clean and healthy and may be purchased online, and in spas, specialty retail stores and apothecaries worldwide.

Have questions: feel free to reach out our on our website or email admin@susanposnick.com. We are always available, as we are dedicated to providing you with all your clean beauty essentials, and making your makeup routine quick and easy, providing you with the confidence to put your best self forward.

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