“LIVE” AND IN COLOR - Spring / Summer Trends 2021

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COLOR is everywhere- in makeup, clothing, spring flowers- and it feels like a re-awakening to the spectrum of all the shades we can see in the world! In this week’s blog Susan speaks about her take regarding On Trend Make Up Looks for Spring / Summer 2021


Statement lips, bright and pastel shades on the eyes are trends we are enjoying which prominently feature beautiful color. As we are beginning to feel more comfortable showing our faces in public, (which feels so good), it is also time to enjoy wearing makeup once again and to remember to wear sun protection everywhere and to reapply all day too!


LIPS are however, LITERALLY front and center- with bright, vivid color, especially in shades of orange and fuchsia. 

To define those brighter lips, remember to subtly line them with a nude liner or a color very similar to your lipstick. 

We of course, always recommend our COLORDUO lip pencilI created the COLORDUO to go with absolutely any shade- a double- ended pencil it is nude on one side, and rouge on the other. As with all our other beauty products, I designed it to be multi-purpose! No need to clutter vanity tops or take up drawer or makeup bag space with so many products anymore. COLORDUO is 2 primers, 2 lipliners and 2 matte lip colors, ALL IN ONE!

  • A little skeptical about going bright? Then use your COLORDUONude end over that rich color to mute it!
  • Looking to get an even bolder look? Then use your COLORDUORouge end over that rich color to kick it up a notch!

Whatever way you go, remember that using our COLORDUO as a base will keep your lipstick on longer, without creasing, feathering or settling into lines!

And for those lips to look extra luscious, and primed for any color, remember to exfoliate them! 

Easy to do with great products like @sarahapplip to exfoliate, or for an all-natural DIY mix you can make at home: 

STEP 1 - Mix 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil with 1 tsp of sugar

STEP 2 - Rub it (gently!) on dry lips

STEP 3 - Wipe off with a tissue. 

It is that easy to have a smooth supple pout.

Glossy or matte, it all works. I say, BE BRIGHT, AND BE FEARLESS!


EYES today are more graphic than we have seen since the 60's; with a line drawn in the crease extending from the inside corner to just past the outside, and not blended. We are even seeing painted-on lashes at the outside of the bottom lashes! How fun! 

False lashes are still 'a thing,', but they are more light-and-airy, rather than a heavy strip across the upper lid.

And again, we are seeing SO MUCH COLOR, especially in stunning jewel tones of aquamarine, cobalt blue, amethyst, and even pure white. 

Portability as well as versatility are core to all our product offerings at SPC. Each are made to go with you “around the corner” or “around the world.” Our Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE wands were also meant to make it quick and effortless to achieve these super stunning looks-without a whole bag full of different products! 

Shimmery, glossy and matte liners and shadows, are all in play in our range, as both liner and shadow are housed in our two-toned wands. Contouring the eye, smudged onto the lid, or just used as a light wash of color, it is all up to you. You can line in turquoise, tourmaline, or platinum, and then flip to the other side of the liner and use the shadow in the cap as your complementary color. Each of our 9 wands can be used on the liner side as a shadow, eyeliner, (tight line and cat eye are a breeze due to the shape of the liner), and even as a brow pencil. Mix and match the wands and layer the shades to create more depth of color and/or fun dimensional effects!


CHEEK Color this season is rosy and sheer, as if naturally blushing. 

Susan Posnick Cosmetics DD (Double Duty) GLOSS in Red Velvet creates that perfect color for your cheeks, and lips.  

If you like more color, think of adding a subtle sweep of a shimmery coral, or orchid to your look, dusting on our COLORME self-dispensing natural mineral foundation to add cheek and eye color. It can even be used as a lip tint! Your choices are endless! And you may not know, but COLORME is made with the same natural ingredients as COLORFLO – so  your skin is getting vitamins for skin nourishment, as well as being sun protected.

Contouring is still in, but with a more subtle approach. Try using Susan Posnick COLORFLO Bronzer to contour in the summer. It not only contours and defines features, but it adds more brightness to the skin than a regular contour shade.


Foundation is the base for all your makeup, and if we are caring properly for our skin, we shouldn’t need much. Summer heat makes us 'glisten' anyway, so the fewer products you put on your skin, the less likely they are to sweat off.

For summer, choose a light-weight foundation like our COLORFLO which eliminates the need to layer a primer, sunscreen, and foundation. COLORFLO feels weightless on the skin and lets it breathe. This all-natural foundation comes in shades for every skin tone, and provides sun protection, while never sweating off! Because it comes in a self-dispensing brush, you can easily take it with you to freshen up and stay sun-protected all day. 

With regard to skincare, once again, I recommend shifting to more sheer products for Spring and Summer.  Our skin tends to absorb more grit in the hotter months, so I suggest using a cleanser with retinol or small beads to exfoliate the skin every few days. Even using a washcloth will help exfoliate. Other season friendly tips- Keep your toner in the fridge for a refreshing and cooling application onto your face and wear a lighter weight moisturizer or serum. I always suggest saving your layering of products for nighttime. One of my favorites go to products is a natural moisturizer by @andalou for sensitive skin. It’s called 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream- it feels like a cooling gel and provides enough moisture for every day. It also won’t break the bank.

Let me end with.. remember to focus on either the eyes OR the lips. It becomes too distracting to the eye when you emphasize both.

About me

I spent 20+ years working as a celebrity makeup artist traveling the world on photo shoots, commercials, and films. In addition, I was Mary Kay's personal makeup artist for 18 years. When I was diagnosed with skin cancer and could not wear chemical sunscreen, I shifted direction to create a natural, healthy product in a refillable brush, offering sun protection.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics are clean and healthy and may be purchased online at, and in spas, specialty retail stores, and apothecaries worldwide.

Questions: feel free to reach out on our website or email admin@susanposnick.com. We are always available, as we are dedicated to providing you with all your clean beauty essentials, and making makeup easy, providing the confidence to put your best self forward.

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