Eyeliner Techniques for Every Eye Shape

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Eyeliner is a wonderful tool that can accentuate your eye and bring definition to your makeup look. But knowing what eyeliner style best suits your eye shape can be difficult. If you’ve been wondering how to do eyeliner for your specific eye shape, we’re here to help.

Eyeliner for a Round Eye 

  • When lining a round eye, you should focus on elongating the eye. This will give you an exotic eye shape.
  • Start by lining the upper lash line and accentuating the outer corners with either a long, extended wing or by smudging your liner just past the outside corner of your eye.

Eyeliner for an Almond Eye

  • Two great style options for lining an almond eye are a cat eye or a winged liner.
  • For both these styles, start with a thin line in the inner corner of your eye and extend it to the outer corner, gradually making the line thicker as you near the outer corner.

Eyeliner for a Protruding Eye 

  • When applying eyeliner, make sure your eyeliner touches the waterline of your upper lid, very close to the lash line, when you are applying it.
  • Keep the line the same width as you draw it to the outside of the eye. Then elongate the line as you get closer to the outer corner of the eye, and add a small wing
  • This will give your eye more of an almond shape.

Eyeliner for a Deep-Set Eye

  • For deep-set eyes, it is best to avoid applying your liner in the inner corner of your eye. This will keep your eyes looking bright and open.
  • To apply your liner, keep a thin line and start your liner about half or a third of the way from your inner eye corner.
  • Follow your lash line to the outside corner of your eye, keeping your liner nice and thin.
  • If you line your entire lash line, it will make your eyes look small.

Eyeliner for a Hooded Eye

  • When applying your eyeliner to a hooded eye it is best to start your line about halfway or one third of the way from the inner corner of your eye.
  • A great tip for applying liner to a hooded eye is to look down when applying your liner rather than straight ahead. This will help you get closer to the lash line without also getting eyeliner on your lids.
  • Bring the line out toward the outer corner of your eye.
  • If you are desiring a winged liner, then bring your wing further out from the outside corner of your eye to avoid the liner ending up in the crease of your eyelid.

How to do a Winged Liner and Cat Eye

  • When you want a strong, bold, dramatic eye, I always recommend black liner. If you like a pencil liner, as it is easier to blend, the COLOREYEDEFINE liner in Jet works perfectly. If you prefer a liquid or pen liner, look for one that has a nice, tapered point.
  • A winged liner is always a straight line with a flick on the end, and only applied across the top lash line. To create a winged liner, gently glide your eyeliner pencil, felt tip or liquid liner from the inner corner to just past the outer corner of your upper lid, making the liner thicker as you move towards the outside of your eye.
  • For the perfectly clean wing, I like to use an object with a straight edge, like a credit card or a piece of tape, and guide the eyeliner to just above the top edge of the card or tape, to ensure an easy straight or angled wing.
  • Cat eyes are applied in the same way, but then you fill in the liner so it connects to the bottom lash line forming a triangle shape. Then apply liner under the bottom lashes at the outer edge.


A Cat Eye

  A Subtle Wing

Different Types of Eyeliner

Liquid and Felt Tip Liner

Liquid liners and felt tip liners can be more difficult for beginners; however, the smooth application of a liquid liner is hard to beat. A liquid liner is great for dramatic looks like a cat eye, a winged tip, or statement lines.

Pencil liner

Pencil liners, like Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE, can be used to create softer looks as well, which can be great to give your eyes a dramatic pop without making it obvious that you’re wearing eyeliner. Our COLOREYEDEFINE liners can also be smudged to create the perfect and easy smokey eye.


  • Tightlining uses a deep liner color, like our COLOREYEDEFINESapphire, Jet, Amethyst, or Bronze liners, to line just at the root of the upper lashes in the waterline inside the eye.
  • This is called invisible liner, which makes lashes look thicker and the eye more distinctive.
  • This style is a fast and effortless way to add more intensity to the eye, without looking like you have on any eyeliner at all. 

Using Mascara for Eyeliner 

Mascara can be used as an invisible eyeliner. To do this, simply apply your mascara at the very base of the lashes. However, it is important that you use a healthy mascara when doing this to avoid irritating the eye. Susan Posnick’s COLORCOATED non-smudge, non-flaking mascara is a great option.

Best Eyeliner Color for Different Eyes Colors

Blue Eyes

  • Eyeliners in rich browns or golds, like Bronze/Copper and Smokey Quartz/Rose Quartz COLOREYEDEFINE, will make blue eyes look even bluer.
    • Use a bronze or sapphire color rather than black for your liner, especially for daytime makeup, as black can look too harsh.

Hazel Eyes

  • Eyeliners in brown and olive will bring out the golds in your hazel eyes.
    • We recommend Jasper/Sandstone and Bronze/Copper COLOREYEDEFINEto bring out the gold tones.
  • Eyeliners in purples and navy blues will make the greens in your eyes dominant.
    • We recommend the Amethyst/Opal and Sapphire/Ametrine COLOREYEDEFINEmake that green color more vibrant.

Brown Eyes

  • Eyeliners in shades of green, gold, and copper make brown eyes look lighter.
    • Use Jasper/Sandstone, Platinum/Gold, and Bronze/Copper COLOREYEDEFINE

Susan Posnick is a True Beauty Expert 

Susan spent 20+ years working as a celebrity makeup artist traveling the world on photo shoots, commercials, and films. In addition, Susan was Mary Kay's personal makeup artist for 18 years. When she was diagnosed with skin cancer and was highly reactive to chemical sunscreens, she shifted creative direction and began creating a natural, healthy  sunscreen/foundation that could be carried with you for all-day application and protection. This first product COLORFLO, led to the creation of her compact, multi-purpose color cosmetic line, the first line designed to de-clutter your makeup life and routine, using healthy products.

Both Susan and her products have been featured in major publications and magazines.

Susan is the recipient of an international humanitarian award for developing COLORFLO and Brush On Block, and educating on the signs and treatment for all types of skin cancers

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